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This Week’s Podcast – Sounds Taking Shape Teaching

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I want to invite ALL OF YOU to take 30 minutes of your time and listen to this message I spoke yesterday called SOUNDS TAKING SHAPE. I AM WILLING TO GUARANTEE that you will take new steps towards your MANIFEST DESTINY as a result of listening and adhering to the principles I am sharing in this message. I pray it blesses many of you – Jason Heilman
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p.s. I am going on the road to speak this specific message combined with my music for the purpose of seeing people’s destiny manifest. Be in touch with me to host a house meeting, church gathering etc.

Sound Releasers Podcast Episode 3 – Releasing your word into Reality

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Podcast Episode 3 is now available for download.

Download Episode 2 Of The Sound Releasers Podcast – I Elaborate On The Previous Blog Post

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Episode 2 is Now Available – Download Now on iTunes…/the-sound-releasers-…/id955666931

In this episode I talk about that place in between the revelations we receive in the spirit and the manifestation of the revelation in the natural realm. We need to learn how to hold on during these times and keep the vision resounding within us.

To watch the video and read the blog mentioned in the episode, read the previous post here on The Prophetic Sound Man Blog.

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Sound Releasers Podcast Episode One: Healing Sound – Download Today

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How old is your most recent SUPERNATURAL STORY? Let this podcast stir you to flow in the sounds of the Supernatural consistently… Download today.

The Sound Releasers Podcast Episode One is now available on iTunes. Download now by following this link to iTunes.

Jason starts off sharing regarding Healing Sounds and transitions to an interview with his amazing wife Ann-Marie as she shares about a miraculous knee healing that occurred just this past November of 2014.

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The Sound Releasers Podcast is now on iTunes – Download music and shows FREE

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Today is the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE of THE SOUND RELEASERS PODCAST with Jason Heilman. The podcast was approved today in the iTunes store and is NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD. You can download the podcast preview and my latest soundscape, It’s Time To Dream, FREE. If you enjoy these two episodes, please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and future episodes will automatically download to your device. Look for new episodes to appear every MONDAY.

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Sound Releasers Preview Podcast – Join The Sound Releasers Community in 2015

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Friends, I want to invite you to JOIN THE SOUND RELEASERS COMMUNITY in 2015.

Please listen to this short Podcast Preview and visit our Facebook Group and Join the Community.

This podcast preview focuses on my motivation behind creating SOUND RELEASERS and THE VALUE IT WILL HAVE FOR YOU!



Today’s YouTube Song Release – Not My Will (never before released)

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Luke 22:42 This song is one of the most favorite that I’ve written. It speaks about Christ’s decisions to please His Father, even in the toughest moments of His life. When I listen to this, it stirs my love for Jesus and releases a passion in me to choose the Father’s will above my own.

Recorded live in Mechanicsburg, PA at Global Awakening.

To a continual encounter –

Psalmist/Minstrel Jason Heilman

The Prophetic Sound Man

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