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The “Modern Day Minstrel”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2018 by propheticsoundman

I woke up with this phrase in my mind… “Modern Day Minstrel”

Challenge: It’s been a challenge to get MODERN DAY culture and society, in the world and church alike, to understand and recognize the need for the PROPHETIC MINSTREL in our current world…

As one who understands who a Prophetic Minstrel is and the positive things a Prophetic Minstrel brings to the table, it’s been hard to understand just WHY THAT IS…

But I think what the Lord was stirring me with this morning is that people need to see the Prophetic Minstrel IN ACTION in order to see the VALUE…

So I am asking the Lord literally NOW HOW DO WE SHOW THAT FORTH…

Our new media podcast/vlog is one way, so head over to for more of that…

I could write a book and try to educate people on the value of the Modern Day Minstrel, but most of the people who need interaction with a Minstrel won’t read the book because they don’t value enough to enough pick the book up…


A “web friend” of mine has a website called “take permission” and I love that phrase because it invokes thought that we need to believe SO MUCH in what we have been called to bring to the world that we DON’T ASK THEIR PERMISSION TO BRING IT… WE JUST TAKE PERMISSION AND BRING IT… Prophets invited themselves to dinner, and people are not used to that… But the woman who was dying picking up sticks in her front yard sure was glad the prophet invited himself to dinner…

I don’t think we can always wait for people to become educated on a subject before we BRING THEM THE VALUE… We just have to start getting out there, bringing the GOLD to the people and then watch the value for what we bring increase as it’s SEEN…

So pray for me as I TAKE PERMISSION IN 2018…

WOW… I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE TO WRITE… Thanks for letting me share this today and for those who read this far… thank you



p.s. Look forward to some changes and update on the blog

and don’t forget to head over to the new site


Visit Our New Website

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2018 by propheticsoundman

Visit our new website

There you will find links to our new podcast and other free media…

It’s a new era…

So sorry I have not posted in soooo long… That is changing…


New Podcast Episode: Favor Above the Law

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2017 by propheticsoundman

Been some time since I’ve posted…

Enjoy this new message that I shared at Refuge Church TEXAS. It’s a message that takes you through the life of Esther and shows us how she developed the boldness and understanding it took for her to UNDERSTAND that she was FAVORED ENOUGH to know that she was ABOVE THE LAW. We then go through the word of God to see how WE ALSO are highly favored before our King. Enjoy this reminder today and check out this new message…

Use the link below that works best for you to access the audio file…

Pre-Order The New Album Now – No Agenda – Proceeds Go to Missions

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Friends the album I’ve been working on for a year is now available for Pre-Order

Visit my website to pre-order today!

I’d like to humbly ask for your help in helping me build momentum for the release of my upcoming album “NO AGENDA”
Would you willing to Pre-Order my new album TODAY for any gift of $15 or more? The more early momentum we can build, the better our GLOBAL Launch on September 5 will be…
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Thank you!
Jason Heilman
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The Story Behind Jason’s New Album “No Agenda”

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Jason shares the story behind his motivation to create an album that will give the listener an open-ended musical atmosphere for God Encounters.

Jason also shares his experience recording the album in ONE CONTINUOUS 50 MINUTE TAKE. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Jason felt as if he was recording in the present yet connecting spiritually to those who would hear the recording in the future.

New Podcast Episode: The AddVenturous Life

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For those who don’t know, we have been releasing episodes of a fairly new podcast call “Sound Releasers” over the last year and there are more than 30+ downloads available for FREE right now over at iTunes. Feel free to check this podcast out, including the most recent episode #15. This is a talk I released just this past weekend in Bedford, TX and I wanted to release this message to all of you. I believe that God is The Creator, and that He has created ADD.VENTURES for all of us to discover and live out. I really believe that if you take the time to listen to this episode and message, you will be more inspired to live an Add.Venturous.Life. – Jason

Listen Now:

Download this and other podcast episodes at iTunes:

Go Subscribe To My New Blog: AddVentureLife

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I wanted to invite all of the Faithful Viewers of the Prophetic Sound Man Blog to venture over to my new blog and SUBSCRIBE. I will continue sharing regarding music and sound as well as some of my others interests, including travel, health, food and more. Thanks for 20,000+ views over the years here on Prophetic Sound Man. See you over at Add.Venture.Life – Jason

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