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This Week’s Podcast – Sounds Taking Shape Teaching

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I want to invite ALL OF YOU to take 30 minutes of your time and listen to this message I spoke yesterday called SOUNDS TAKING SHAPE. I AM WILLING TO GUARANTEE that you will take new steps towards your MANIFEST DESTINY as a result of listening and adhering to the principles I am sharing in this message. I pray it blesses many of you – Jason Heilman
Or Download at iTunes: search for Sound Releasers Podcast
p.s. I am going on the road to speak this specific message combined with my music for the purpose of seeing people’s destiny manifest. Be in touch with me to host a house meeting, church gathering etc.

Have you checked out the Podcast recently? Four new downloads available FREE

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sound releasers fb


Just wanted to remind you of the podcast. I have recently released two episodes and two songs over the last week… So follow the link below, download and SUBSCRIBE for future episodes.

Ep 7: Moving with the times and seasons

Ep 8: The Restoration of the Sealh

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Sound Releasers Podcast Episode 3 – Releasing your word into Reality

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Podcast Episode 3 is now available for download.

Download Episode 2 Of The Sound Releasers Podcast – I Elaborate On The Previous Blog Post

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Episode 2 is Now Available – Download Now on iTunes…/the-sound-releasers-…/id955666931

In this episode I talk about that place in between the revelations we receive in the spirit and the manifestation of the revelation in the natural realm. We need to learn how to hold on during these times and keep the vision resounding within us.

To watch the video and read the blog mentioned in the episode, read the previous post here on The Prophetic Sound Man Blog.

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Sound Releasers Podcast Episode One: Healing Sound – Download Today

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How old is your most recent SUPERNATURAL STORY? Let this podcast stir you to flow in the sounds of the Supernatural consistently… Download today.

The Sound Releasers Podcast Episode One is now available on iTunes. Download now by following this link to iTunes.

Jason starts off sharing regarding Healing Sounds and transitions to an interview with his amazing wife Ann-Marie as she shares about a miraculous knee healing that occurred just this past November of 2014.

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The Sound Releasers Podcast is now on iTunes – Download music and shows FREE

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Today is the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE of THE SOUND RELEASERS PODCAST with Jason Heilman. The podcast was approved today in the iTunes store and is NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD. You can download the podcast preview and my latest soundscape, It’s Time To Dream, FREE. If you enjoy these two episodes, please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and future episodes will automatically download to your device. Look for new episodes to appear every MONDAY.

Follow the link below to listen, download and subscribe on iTunes

December News – 3 Ways To Be Involved In The Heilman Ministries Community in 2015

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sound releasers fb3 Ways To Be Involved With The Heilman Ministries Community in 2015

I have to honestly say that I haven’t been this excited about a new year in quite a while. 2015 is going to be awesome. We have some great ministry events already lined up for the first quarter of the year and are praying about some form of a summer tour along with a new album that will be released some time this spring.

I wanted to ask you to pray this week about how you might be involved with us in new ways in 2015. We are creating a new level of COMMUNITY surrounding our ministry in a way that will keep us all connected like never before. So let me share the three ways that you can pray about getting involved in and what your support will help us accomplish.

1 – Join the community by becoming a Patron on Patreon.

I am going to be releasing a brand new Podcast this January called The Sound Releasers Podcast. This podcast will contain weekly interviews, music and motivational messages. This is a way to build community, bring consistent motivational ministry to many and give people a way to financially support our efforts to create this weekly audio content. You can find more information about this and how to be involved by becoming a Patron at

2 – Join the community by becoming a Kulani Coffee monthly subscriber.

As most of you know, we launched Kulani Coffee this fall with a bang! We had 80 people back our Kickstarter project and reached 150% of our launch goal. We have had nothing but positive feedback regarding Kulani, and look forward to 2015.

We are setting a goal to reach 100 Kulani Subscribers by June 2015 or sooner. Each month, subscribers receive a bag or more of Kulani shipped directly to their door. Profits of Kulani help to fund our ministry along with Shores of Grace in Brazil, a ministry dedicated to rescuing women and children out of prostitution. By becoming a Kulani Subscriber,  you will enjoy incredible coffee and the satisfaction that your coffee purchase is supporting missions work across the globe. To become a Kulani Coffee monthly subscriber visit

3 – Join the community by becoming a partner through Modern Day.

Modern Day has been our affiliate financial ministry for years, providing the opportunity for those who desire to partner with us monthly to do so. This option is for those who simply desire to partner financially with us on a monthly basis regarding every area of ministry that we are involved in. To become a monthly parter with us via Modern Day, visit

Via these three streams our goal is to generate a monthly budget of $2000 that will enable us to continue the work of the ministry. We hope you see the value in what we potentially will accomplish in 2015 with your support.

This is a request to pray this week to seek if one or more of these areas is a way that you’d like to be involved. I look forward to personally connecting with you more in early 2015 as we launch our yearly virtual missions conference.

We just launched a totally revamped website TODAY that contains all of the info above, links and so much more along with the New SOUND RELEASERS PAGE. Visit the new website at and the sound releasers page can be found there or click on the Sound Releasers URL and please LISTEN TO THE preview podcast there… Looking forward to sharing a New Years gift with you soon, a new SOUNDSCAPE that I am working on right now called It’s Time To Dream 2015. This is the year of MANIFESTATION. 

God is FOR YOU and SO ARE WE!

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Jason & Ann-Marie Heilman