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Pre-Order The New Album Now – No Agenda – Proceeds Go to Missions

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Friends the album I’ve been working on for a year is now available for Pre-Order

Visit my website to pre-order today!

I’d like to humbly ask for your help in helping me build momentum for the release of my upcoming album “NO AGENDA”
Would you willing to Pre-Order my new album TODAY for any gift of $15 or more? The more early momentum we can build, the better our GLOBAL Launch on September 5 will be…
Visit to pre-order the album
Visit to watch the Album Promo Video
I appreciate your consideration…
Thank you!
Jason Heilman
BONUS: pre-order proceeds will continue to assist us in funding Native American Missions – #winwin
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Kickstarter Update- 40% in just two days… Jump In With Us

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Dear Friends,
After having only launched the Kickstarter Project on Monday morning this week, last night we were already sitting at 42% of the minimum goal. By any standards this is an incredible start… This project is dear to the heart of Father God because the purpose of creating this music is to bring the Father and His sons and daughters closer together… God wants this project to succeed, not so that my voice may be heard or so I can create one more CD, but so that the atmosphere of music this project will create will draw His children closer to Him, Spirit to spirit… I am going to be bold and ask you NOT to wait to support this project… To not wait to see where we are at towards the end… What if we reached the minimum goal next week…? What if we doubled the goal? These are possible realities if we can build something now… What will we do with the funds beyond the $1500? First, we will create a stretch goal that will help us create an even better CD… Second, we will start putting the funds away for our second project… I already have vision for at least three projects like this… So please, it will take 5 minutes of your time to go to the link, click the green BACK THIS PROJECT BUTTON and back the project today… Our next short-term goal is to be beyond 50% by this Friday…
Thank you so much for your consideration –
Jason Heilman
p.s. Be in prayer for us as we begin the recording process THIS SATURDAY May 16!


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Dear Friends –

I am excited to announce that on MONDAY MAY 11, we will be LAUNCHING a NEW MUSIC PROJECT KICKSTARTER along with some other rewards to be announced…

The short version of the vision behind this project is to create a music project that assist those who listen to have GOD ENCOUNTERS. There will be a lot of time on the project devoted to instrumental interludes to help you wait and hear from God. Look for more information coming soon on our Facebook pages and the website

We are looking for a STRONG first week regarding this new music project KICKSTARTER that we will launch next Monday May 11. If you desire to support this new album, please jump in early next week with a support pledge. We appreciate all of your support! Kickstarter projects that have strong first weeks tend to do very well, much like our Kulani Coffee Project last year.


This year started with a bang as I travelled to the East Coast and was invited to kick off the new year there with a night of worship and prayer. This invite has become the theme of 2015 for us regarding what we have come to realize is a very strong RELAUNCH for us to focus on the ministry of worship and music based prayer.


Both in our home church and at the several churches I’ve ministered in this year thus far (CT, MI, IL, TX, KS, OH, MD) there has been strong emphasis to both exemplify, teach and train in this specific areas of music based prayer, waiting on the Lord, hearing His voice, etc.

The music project, the new webpage and a soon to come FREE E-book is all coming forth out of this re-launch that has been so evident over the last few months.

We will be updating our website with much more information on all of this here in the next week, so continue to look at for more updates soon…

We want to thank ALL OF YOU for your continued support that helps us to continue being the Pioneers that God has called us to be. There are so many things in store for the second half of 2015 that we know you are going to be excited about with us.

Talk you to you soon –

Jason & Ann-Marie