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ANNOUNCING my journey to becoming a Certified Healthcare Musician

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THE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently a student CHCM (Certified Healthcare Musician). I am enrolled in a certification program that, when completed, will enable me, as a professional therapeutic musician, to play in any number of healthcare facilities in order to positively influence the atmosphere. This certification will also enhance and bring even more credibility to the various non-healthcare venues of music that I have and will continue to release via healing, contemplative and inspirational music.

Finding the right program has taken months, but this search has finally led to me discover what I’ve enrolled in and already begun study in. This program is accredited through the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) which consists of leaders in the therapeutic music field who have joined together to develop and maintain standards for therapeutic musician training programs and their graduates. 

The program is based on scientific studies of the effect of sound, avoids mysticism and speculation, and is compatible with Judeo-Christian beliefs.


I’ve played music publicly in many various venues since beginning music in 1998. I’ve played for various sized crowds, leading worship songs. I’ve played for many hours in prayer rooms. And, I’ve played in small venues like coffee shops, living rooms, church staff rooms, retreats and even business board rooms.

The desire to seek this increased education and certification really stems from what I have personally ALREADY SEEN occur in these venues when I was able to release music in a way that brought relaxation, peace, inspiration, contemplation and healing to those in attendance. I’ve seen what music can do. I’m seeking these credentials in order to help create more scenarios like I’ve seen and to open others eyes to the awareness of and the validity of the power of music played and released with this intent as opposed to entertainment or as a backdrop for our expression.

If you asked me, “What scenario would you most like to release music in?”, I would immediately bring up the biblical account of David playing for Saul. It records that when David would play, Saul would be at ease. We often think music changes the atmosphere. The reality is, music changes US. I most identify as a musician with David in this scenario.

My desire is to begin creating more venues for this form of musical release, not only in medical environments, but in homes, corporate offices, churches and more. The reality is that venues for this type of musical release ARE NOT MAINSTREAM. What this means is that I can’t go down to the local coffee shop to release music this way. I can’t go on staff at a church to release music this way. What I have had to do, and will continue to pioneer, is to simultaneously create the venues for the release of therapeutic music as I also pioneer this intentional style and release of music.

In a culture where most attendees of a musical venue would either feel the desire to be entertained or participatory, therapeutic music venues allow for those in attendance to be released from these cultural practices to relax… to just be… to receive.

In summary of my intent for this certification, my desire is to open up the awareness of the potential that music holds, that it’s much more vast than what our current culture lends itself to. For those who would possibly question my own personal beliefs and 15+ years of study & experience regarding the connection between science, spirituality and sound, I’m excited to bring increased validity to my beliefs and future musical practices by joining forces with the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.


Along with playing in medical environments, I’m excited to expand the practice of and frequency of playing music in homes for one-on-one sessions and group sessions, house concerts, business board meetings, church staff meetings, re-creational retreats, prayer meetings and more.

There is a large difference between saying the music CURES versus saying the music HEALS.


The terminology “cure” and “curing” belongs solely in the medical profession only.

HEALING, on the other hand, has to do with physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.   I literally believe that God has gifted me as a “musical chiropractor.” After an hour of music with me, you will feel aligned, tuned in, inspired and re-created.

The evidence and reality that music heals is biblical, scientific and medical. As a Christian, I am also excited about expanding the mindsets of Western Christians, in particular, to these truths and practices.

I look forward to what the future holds.

Jason Heilman

Modern Day Minstrel

Future Certified Healthcare Musician


Pre-Order The New Album Now – No Agenda – Proceeds Go to Missions

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Friends the album I’ve been working on for a year is now available for Pre-Order

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I’d like to humbly ask for your help in helping me build momentum for the release of my upcoming album “NO AGENDA”
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Jason Heilman
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The Story Behind Jason’s New Album “No Agenda”

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Jason shares the story behind his motivation to create an album that will give the listener an open-ended musical atmosphere for God Encounters.

Jason also shares his experience recording the album in ONE CONTINUOUS 50 MINUTE TAKE. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Jason felt as if he was recording in the present yet connecting spiritually to those who would hear the recording in the future.

Free PreView of my upcoming album “NO AGENDA”

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Friends I am about to release my first album since 2010 –
Please pre-view this 12 minute excerpt for FREE on YOUTUBE now
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Here is a little info on the Album – Blessings!
No Agenda is an album produced for YOU the listener to create an atmosphere for you to ENCOUNTER God. 100% of the 50 minute album was SPONTANEOUSLY CREATED.
From Jason regarding his recording experience –  “I sat down to the keyboard in the studio and began to play under the unction of the Holy Spirit… 50 minutes later, I looked up to Andy (Producer) and asked how long we were at. When he told me ’50 minutes’ I was amazed! It felt like 5 minutes. I stopped at that point, and I knew the Holy Spirit had given us the foundation for the album in that 50 minute recording session.”
No Agenda’s vocal, piano and string tracks were recorded spontaneously in ONE 50 minute track. Over the next 6 months, we worked to add ambient sounds and vocals to this foundation to create an experience for you unlike anything you may have ever heard. 
The album was created to be listened to in one sitting as a way to have a NOW encounter with the Living God. We hope this 12 minute excerpt will give you a taste of what to expect from the entire project.

New Music Video – Don’t Send Me Up – Would You Consider Being My Patron for $1 a month?

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Hey everybody, here is the latest installment in my Prophetic Music Video Series. Just click the photo below to go watch the video.


I think the concept of Patreon may be a little bit foreign to many of you, thus the slow start. Patreon basically helps me have the time to make these videos when people support them, even for as little as $1. I am not really interested in getting people to donate large amounts. I’d rather have a large group of people giving just a few dollars and have a cool community formed through Patreon. So, hopefully this will start to take off down the road. If you are enjoying the videos, please let us know here on the blog… Thanks everyone!

Improvisation Opens You Up To The Spirit Realm

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The Video and the link below contain most of the info I wanted to share… But let me give you a pre-summary of what this post is about…

When you begin to improvise, the creative part of your brain is activated AND, also during this improvisation, a separate area of your brain responsible for self-awareness diminishes.

Improvisation through music, dance and others art forms essentially cause us to become less aware of ourselves, thus MORE aware of the presence and spirit of Jesus.

If you are interested in expanding to new realms of the presence of God, check out this video teaching and read the link to the incredible article below… Jason