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New Album Launches Today 9/5

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You can now order and download the DIGITAL ALBUM immediately for just $10, available ONLY on the link below.


Order physical copies now at for any missions gift of $15 or more. Share the link  and thanks for all of your support. ENJOY HIS PRESENCE. Jason Heilman


It’s Time For A Greater Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel

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Welcome to the dawn of a new blog series called The Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel. Let me jump right in to the why and the what

Let me ask you to do something right now… pull up Google and type in “prophetic minstrel.” Go ahead and then return to this post…

That’s right… #1

Out of 80,000 results, the #1 result is a post I made in 2010…

What does that tell you? Well, I’ll tell you what it tells me…

It tells me that, after being called as a prophetic minstrel 17 years ago, after years writing this blog, releasing music and a book… The ministry of the Prophetic Minstrel is still widely unknown much less understood… And that I personally still have a lot of work to do.

As I’ve just turned 40, I felt a shift in my life and ministry to begin narrowing down specifically what I will focus on over the next season of life and ministry.

I feel that bringing a RESTORATION of the ministry of the prophetic minstrel to the church and the world is a large part of my personal calling and assignment. I’ve spent 17 years figuring out my own personal calling regarding all of this. I’ve travelled the world releasing the song of the Father in churches, coffee shops, homeless shelters, living rooms and more. I’ve learned so many things along the way…

Now is the time to begin reproducing what I’ve learned in thousands of other artists globally. The roots have gone DEEP for 17 years… This tree is about to get huge!

One of the things that has impacted me along my journey, especially the last 5-6 years, has been the interaction I’ve had with many of YOU here on this blog and via social media.

It’s crazy when someone from Australia or the U.K. contacts me because they Googled “prophetic minstrel” and found my blog and they ask me how they can order my book… It’s crazy because the reason I think they are contacting me is because THEY HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO LOOK, NOBODY ELSE TO CONTACT….

It blows me away to think that I MAY VERY WELL BE WHAT I CALL AN “ACCIDENTAL EXPERT.” I NEVER set out to be an expert in the niche called prophet minstrel, but after 17 years I am humbly accepting that this may very well be what God had in mind all along. He did not just call me to this so that I could sing in living rooms for the rest of my life, hiding away… I think that season is done and it’s time for this to explode onto the scene like the House of Prayer movement did in the early 2000’s.


This word pertains to David coming from the sheep field to King Saul’s palace. David left the field as a psalmist and entered the palace as a minstrel… He developed a connection with God in that field that translated into an ability to bring others into the place he now lived, moved and had his being in… David left the field, but the field never left David… That place of devotion was not tied in to a field, it was now in David’s heart and he carried it wherever he would go for the rest of his life…

I’ve been involved in the worship and prayer movement since 1999. I go way back. I remember when IHOP Kansas City met in a double-wide trailer. I’ve been around this for a while… I am saying that to say that these psalmists are not called to the House of Prayer forever… God is calling these psalmist OUT. NOW! Now is the time for those who have been hidden in these sheep fields “TO EMERGE WITH THE REVELATION THEY’VE CULTIVATED” for years now… If we keep this to ourselves for another decade, we are not going to find ourselves in God’s will. That is a strong statement, but I believe strongly that God is calling the psalmists out of the fields and the caves to begin speaking for God through the arts in incredible ways…

YES, IT’S ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING… But this is a new level that is coming.


Consistency! Writings, video and audio – This is also the beginning of a new book that I will release called “The Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel”

There are some books that are timeless… Others that are TIMELY… This next book is going to be a catalyst, as will this series of blogs, vlogs and podcasts be…

I’m at 750+ words, so I will go for now…

Thanks for going on this journey with me!


The “Prophetic Sound Man”


Have you checked out the Podcast recently? Four new downloads available FREE

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sound releasers fb


Just wanted to remind you of the podcast. I have recently released two episodes and two songs over the last week… So follow the link below, download and SUBSCRIBE for future episodes.

Ep 7: Moving with the times and seasons

Ep 8: The Restoration of the Sealh

Click Here To Download Podcasts

Spiritual Awakening or Outpouring? What do we REALLY need to be waiting for and praying for…?

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I can’t just say what I feel like saying in a short FB message, thus this post today.

Here is what I believe.

When people say that a special OUTPOURING of God is taking place in a specific church or region, we need to make sure we are letting people know the OUTPOURING is NOT OCCURRING BECAUSE GOD LIKES THAT CHURCH OR REGION MORE, OR THAT IT’S SPECIAL, OR THAT IT’S HAPPENING BECAUSE SOMEONE “PRAYED THE PRICE.”


If you want to call your extended meeting an outpouring… fine. But don’t promote your meetings with an undertone that what is happening is somehow special or sovereign etc.

How can I have the guts to be saying this… Because of what I know of the nature of Father God.

God says that those who seek him will find Him. It’s that simple.

Here is what needs to stop in this OUTPOURING CULTURE that exists out there. We need to stop acting like what is happening at these outpourings is somehow an accelerated special occurrence when in reality what is really happening is that particular group simply DECIDED TO BECOME AWARE OF AND ENGAGED IN THE POTENTIAL OF GOD.


I am not saying the we need to stop using the terminology outpouring. But I do want to say that what many people are calling OUTPOURINGS ARE ACTUALLY AWAKENINGS TO HIS OUTPOURING, THE OUTPOURING THAT HAS BEEN OUTPOURING SINCE JESUS RIPPED THE VEIL AND GAVE US ACCESS TO THE FATHER.

Another thing that happens is that once a group figures out (becomes aware) of what God has been doing all along, they get all excited and promote it and have a lot of meetings that last for a month or two and have famous speakers start coming in and get totally out of balance regarding what real sustainable life needs to be… AND THEN THE OUTPOURING ENDS –


I just got asked to minister at a church that is having these type of meetings right now, and I said no. I told them that what is happening there is something God is doing THERE. You don’t need me to come minister at these type of meetings because I live in Texas. I don’t know much about your church or your city. Let the people who live and move and have their being in that city be the ones who carry this.

I am not saying that we can’t have a series of meetings that last an extended amount of time so that God can rally people together in a community. I think that is great. But I think those scenarios will only happen for a season to put things in place for a future that will eventually balance out and actually be more fruitful once people get set in place from the rally season.

But when you start promoting your regional meeting as a special move, and start inviting people to come from different states and regions and nations because God is REALLY MOVING HERE… That is a slap in a the face of a supernatural omnipresent God who can do whatever, wherever and whenever.


GOD IS MOVING NOW. He is accessible to ALL who call upon Him. There is a great potential in the person and presence of God. You have access to HIS FULLNESS NOW based on the righteousness of Jesus Christ and HIS PERFORMANCE NOT YOURS.

There are expanded places and experiences in God that He longs to take you to. You can have those now, RIGHT NOW. I believe in AN OUTPOURING, BUT I AM NOT WAITING FOR ONE OR PRAYING THE PRICE FOR ONE BECAUSE JESUS ALREADY DID. ALL I NEED TO DO IS DRAW MY AWARENESS TO IT AND ENTER IN. AND IT’S THE SAME FOR YOU. AMEN




Jason Heilman – Personal Update – A Musician’s Journey into the Health and Wellness Field

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Jason Heilman – A Personal Update

Written April 23, 2013

Greetings Friends!

First thing I want to say is I recently reached a personal goal of becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach with Venice Nutrition. “Wait a minute? Aren’t you a worship leader?” Yes, but God had me step away for a few months to reach some new goals. One of my goals with this update is for the people who have known me as a musician over the last 15 years to understand what God has ADDED TO my life and how this is going to help me reach out to even more people in expanded ways.

I’m sitting here in a favorite coffee shop of mine in Grapevine, TX just two days shy of my 37th birthday feeling compelled to share what’s been happening with me personally, especially over the last six months. I really felt led to share this with ALL OF YOU. However you may know me, I felt compelled to publicly share at this stage of my life and journey and hope that many of you will take a few minutes to read the following… It may just encourage you in your journey, and, I hope many of you take interest in some of the things I and my family will be doing in the very near future.

This past winter season has truly been an “underground season” for me, a time of planning and preparing. I truly feel new life on many of the areas of my journey and, as the season of spring approaches, I feel spring parallels my life as many new things are literally springing forth… So, please, read on, be encouraged, inspired and enjoy.

God, you want me to What???

Last summer I lived out a dream. I took my family on an 8,000 mile, three-month road trip and ministered all over the United States. The interesting thing is that, during the latter half of doing the very thing I was passionate about, I began to feel God leading my  focus away from this very thing upon the completion of the summer tour. I felt as if there was a new season God was directing me to. Now yes, I always feel shifting constantly to be honest, as if things are always shifting. That is the nature of life. But this time was different. This time I felt I was to actually lay down travel and music for a season of time. And the reason I knew this was God was because I honestly did not mind. I knew what I was hearing, I just didn’t know what I was going to do next.

My recent personal health journey and transformation

I’m sharing this with you because it has a lot to do with what I have recently been up to and some awesome things I am excited to begin. 16 months ago I was physically a different person. To make a long story short, I have personally had an extreme transformation regarding my physical health and lifestyle. 16 months ago I weighed 260 pounds and was living an inactive life and was ignorant of issues related to physical nutrition. I completed a 90 day challenge that transformed my mind and my body and lost 35 pounds in the process. Over the 2012 summer tour I gained some of that back because it was hard to maintain that lifestyle on the road for so long. God began to speak to me about starting “phase 2” upon my return home. During the autumn of 2012, I began to see success on a new level and I began to feel a sense that this physical transformation journey I was on was going to impact many more lives than just my own.

Get a Job?

In October of 2012 God spoke to me to go get a job. Not a ministry job. Not a worship leader job. (I was actually hired as a worship pastor at a church in September but God told me to turn it down) A “secular job.” Let me tell you that out of obedience to God I began praying and looking for this job. I had no idea where I would go or even why I was doing this, to be honest with you. I went from traveling the nation and world, doing what I had wanted to do for a decade, to going to work doing something unrelated to what I’d been passionate about for 15 years. (or so I thought) What I did know is that this job had to be related contextually to something I was newly and also passionate about. And, if it wasn’t music, what would it be? It came down to the fact that it had to be about health/wellness/nutrition/food. That was the only other thing I was really passionate about and so I felt led by a God-given passion. I went to check out a business that I had applied to online when I noticed another business just two doors down called My Fit Foods. I walked in to that store and I “knew” that was where I was going to work. Two weeks later, at the end of October 2012, I started there on a part-time basis. Over the past 6 months I’ve been working there, learning the ins and outs about this business and industry. That was just the beginning.

BACK TO SCHOOL!? Becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach with Venice Nutrition

I’m writing to share with you because many of you probably have NO IDEA that over the past six months I’ve been working this job and GONE BACK TO SCHOOL. I didn’t go back to school in the traditional sense.

After getting this job, I felt led to actually become Certified in Nutrition. What this does NOT mean is that I would sign up to sell weight loss shakes and call myself a nutritionist. Nothing against this. I was being led to seek an education regarding nutrition and I found the program I was looking for in Venice Nutrition. It was further confirmed that I should go with Venice when I received a gift check in January for the amount of the cost of the program. This was the final confirmation I needed and in January 2013 I began studying, using much of my free time devoted to studying nutrition and human physiology. Over the past four months I’ve put in well over 100 hours into this program and I am excited to announce that on April 17th I passed my final exam. I am now officially a Certified Wellness/Nutrition Coach through Venice Nutrition in accordance with the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. I am officially launching a new Nutrition Coaching Business at this time called Give Me Ninety.


Ann-Marie and I heard God speak to us to go to Hawaii in November of 2012. The crazy part about this was that He told us to go in October. Nobody plans something like this in less than a month, right? The Heilmans do when God tells us to. In less than a month we had all our tickets and expenses met for travel and lodging for a week in Hawaii. We have been praying for years about the possibility of us moving to Oahu to work with the indigenous Hawaiian people. We love the Polynesian peoples of the earth. So we went on this trip with intents to pray and listen. We stayed with our Native Hawaiian host Kealoha and her awesome husband from Guam, Rudy. We were really blessed to share Thanksgiving with them and their large family and to experience a true Hawaiian Thanksgiving, which including eating octopus and sea-snail! When we came to the end of our trip, we had an interesting feeling regarding our experience that week. It seemed as if Ann-Marie and I had both had our eyes opened to Hawaii in a new way. We really had a new-found sense as to what the realities of daily living on this island would be like. We also left feeling as if we ever were to move there, it was not going to be anytime soon. Great news for the grandparents in TX!

So upon returning home, God began speaking to me about Euless, TX and the fact that Euless has one of the biggest populations of Tongans per capita than any other city in the United States. I was talking to God about moving thousands of miles away to reach Polynesians and here God was talking to me about the Polynesians 10 minutes down my street in my own city.  A few weeks prior, God had spoken to me to drive down to the area where there were several Tongan Churches and to pray. My prayer drive led me to the parking lot of an AOG Tongan Church. I ended up meeting with the Pastor of that church that day. Since that first meeting, we have launched a facet of our ministry called First Nations First, a ministry devoted to reaching indigenous peoples of the earth wherever they may live. I’ve been ministering to the Tongan community through prayer and food distribution over the past few months. My desire is to take this ministry up many notches in the near future to help reach the Tongan community in Euless through practical and spiritual means.

It’s not about Giving Up… It’s about Adding To

Looking back, I realize that God was not asking me to give up music or travel when He spoke to me last summer. God was not asking me to Give Up… He was speaking to me to Add To… To pause, add, and continue the journey with an increased arsenal.

I have added new facets to my education and understanding that will ultimately lead to even more ministry and more changed lives in expanded areas that reach the whole of a person… Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

FULLY Claiming Our Kingdom Inheritance through Christ in EVERY REALM

I’ve come to realize that when our physical bodies are hindered, it hinders us in the other realms of our person, namely, our soul and spirit. I personally have come to re-claim my Kingdom Inheritance regarding areas of the physical realm. I feel so much better through what I’ve learned AND put in to practice. I’ve learned to claim the health that is mine as a child of God. This is what I am excited about, not just starting a Nutrition Coaching Business, but to also begin ministering a more well-rounded message than I’ve ever shared before in 15 years of ministry.

As a musician who’s main desire is to see people renewed through the power and presence of God through music, renewal has and is at the forefront of my public ministry to others. I am now melding what I’ve learned about the physical man over the last six months in to the life message that I carry. It’s a message of living our best life NOT JUST in the Spirit, but in all realms… Body, Soul and Spirit. Our inheritance in Christ pertains to every realm of who we are. It’s not just about having moments of spiritual bliss, it’s about maintaining a lifestyle synonymous with the way Christ desires us to treat our bodies, deal with our daily emotions in addition to connecting with God via our spirit. I’m currently working on developing a new message, “Reclaiming the Frequency of Eden” that I will be sharing with the Body of Christ in the near future. This title and theme has everything to do with what Jesus Christ has redeemed for us, body, soul and spirit. What was lost in the garden CAN BE OURS AGAIN through Christ. What did they have physically, emotionally and spiritually/relationally with God in that Garden? It’s a foreshadowing blue print for what God desires for us Today! And we can have it through Christ. We just need to learn how to differentiate between God’s desires for us in every realm and the pulling realities of the fallen world and system that surrounds us. I am still on this journey, and I am excited to share the success I’ve had in maintaining more of a Kingdom Reality in my life. And no, I am not great at it yet, ha ha… But I do know I have some things to share that will impact others lives and I know that YOU have things to share that will impact me as well.


Thank YOU for reading this update. Thank you for the interest you’ve taken in my life, my ministry and my family. I hope this update has shed some new light on who God is continuing to make me to be. And finally, simply stated, I desire to be a benefit to your life. I hope in the past I have been and I hope to continue to be.

For more information on the new nutrition facet of what I am doing, please visit – For more on our new ministry facet, First Nations First, please visit 



The Official Retirement of The Prophetic Sound Man Blog

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Since starting this blog a few years ago I’ve received nearly 30,000 hits on this blog and I’ve enjoyed the interaction I’ve had with many of you. I hope you’ve learned along with me regarding the content of this blog.

I felt like posting on the issue of the Future of This Blog because, as you can even see, I have not been inspired to post in recent months. A lot of this has to do with the fact that I RELEASED A BOOK IN JANUARY 2012 THAT CONTAINS ALMOST ALL OF WHAT I COULD EVER REALLY WANT TO SAY REGARDING THE ISSUES OF WORSHIP, SOUND, ETC.

That being said, I feel that I am going to be moving on to some other areas of interest in the near future… Namely blogging regarding Health and Wellness… You can find more at my new WordPress Blog– Please subscribe and follow me there as well.

There is so much already on the Prophetic Soundman Blog to keep anyone busy for quite a while. There is also a podcast on iTunes with messages and free music on my website


I feel that over the past 15 years I’ve learned so much regarding music, sound, worship and more. I’ve done my best to share my journey and what I’ve learned along the way. I feel God is taking me on some new paths, and I am really excited about them. One thing I DO KNOW, music will always hold a place in my life. I will be sharing more about music’s place in my life on my new blog and why I feel it is shifting in this phase of my life… Thanks for letting me share and thanks for sharing an interest in anything I’ve ever felt led to express. The hits keep coming on this blog even though I’m not posting, hundreds a month. It’s incredible. I will always keep the blog active for people to find and enjoy. Blessings to you and your journey…

Jason Heilman… The Prophetic Sound Man

Don’t resist the rest – It’s where new dreams are made

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The Lord says… “Don’t resist the rest. If you’ve come to the end of a season, if you’ve seen past dreams fulfilled… don’t run about seeking for the next step… Rest… It’s in the rest where the new dreams come.”

I woke up this morning stirring with vision, right as I woke up. I feel the Lord is speaking that when we rest (sleep) it’s the place where new dreams come… If we try to fill our lives with activity trying to figure out the new thing, the next step… we will pro-long our reception of the new dreams God want to give us in the place our resting… Realize your season, and if it’s rest, embrace it for the new dreams will come and you WILL run again… GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!