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This Week’s Podcast – Sounds Taking Shape Teaching

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I want to invite ALL OF YOU to take 30 minutes of your time and listen to this message I spoke yesterday called SOUNDS TAKING SHAPE. I AM WILLING TO GUARANTEE that you will take new steps towards your MANIFEST DESTINY as a result of listening and adhering to the principles I am sharing in this message. I pray it blesses many of you – Jason Heilman
Or Download at iTunes: search for Sound Releasers Podcast
p.s. I am going on the road to speak this specific message combined with my music for the purpose of seeing people’s destiny manifest. Be in touch with me to host a house meeting, church gathering etc.

The Story Behind Jason’s New Album “No Agenda”

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Jason shares the story behind his motivation to create an album that will give the listener an open-ended musical atmosphere for God Encounters.

Jason also shares his experience recording the album in ONE CONTINUOUS 50 MINUTE TAKE. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Jason felt as if he was recording in the present yet connecting spiritually to those who would hear the recording in the future.

Free PreView of my upcoming album “NO AGENDA”

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Friends I am about to release my first album since 2010 –
Please pre-view this 12 minute excerpt for FREE on YOUTUBE now
Visit to listen to the preview and to preorder
Here is a little info on the Album – Blessings!
No Agenda is an album produced for YOU the listener to create an atmosphere for you to ENCOUNTER God. 100% of the 50 minute album was SPONTANEOUSLY CREATED.
From Jason regarding his recording experience –  “I sat down to the keyboard in the studio and began to play under the unction of the Holy Spirit… 50 minutes later, I looked up to Andy (Producer) and asked how long we were at. When he told me ’50 minutes’ I was amazed! It felt like 5 minutes. I stopped at that point, and I knew the Holy Spirit had given us the foundation for the album in that 50 minute recording session.”
No Agenda’s vocal, piano and string tracks were recorded spontaneously in ONE 50 minute track. Over the next 6 months, we worked to add ambient sounds and vocals to this foundation to create an experience for you unlike anything you may have ever heard. 
The album was created to be listened to in one sitting as a way to have a NOW encounter with the Living God. We hope this 12 minute excerpt will give you a taste of what to expect from the entire project.

It’s Time For A Greater Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel

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Welcome to the dawn of a new blog series called The Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel. Let me jump right in to the why and the what

Let me ask you to do something right now… pull up Google and type in “prophetic minstrel.” Go ahead and then return to this post…

That’s right… #1

Out of 80,000 results, the #1 result is a post I made in 2010…

What does that tell you? Well, I’ll tell you what it tells me…

It tells me that, after being called as a prophetic minstrel 17 years ago, after years writing this blog, releasing music and a book… The ministry of the Prophetic Minstrel is still widely unknown much less understood… And that I personally still have a lot of work to do.

As I’ve just turned 40, I felt a shift in my life and ministry to begin narrowing down specifically what I will focus on over the next season of life and ministry.

I feel that bringing a RESTORATION of the ministry of the prophetic minstrel to the church and the world is a large part of my personal calling and assignment. I’ve spent 17 years figuring out my own personal calling regarding all of this. I’ve travelled the world releasing the song of the Father in churches, coffee shops, homeless shelters, living rooms and more. I’ve learned so many things along the way…

Now is the time to begin reproducing what I’ve learned in thousands of other artists globally. The roots have gone DEEP for 17 years… This tree is about to get huge!

One of the things that has impacted me along my journey, especially the last 5-6 years, has been the interaction I’ve had with many of YOU here on this blog and via social media.

It’s crazy when someone from Australia or the U.K. contacts me because they Googled “prophetic minstrel” and found my blog and they ask me how they can order my book… It’s crazy because the reason I think they are contacting me is because THEY HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO LOOK, NOBODY ELSE TO CONTACT….

It blows me away to think that I MAY VERY WELL BE WHAT I CALL AN “ACCIDENTAL EXPERT.” I NEVER set out to be an expert in the niche called prophet minstrel, but after 17 years I am humbly accepting that this may very well be what God had in mind all along. He did not just call me to this so that I could sing in living rooms for the rest of my life, hiding away… I think that season is done and it’s time for this to explode onto the scene like the House of Prayer movement did in the early 2000’s.


This word pertains to David coming from the sheep field to King Saul’s palace. David left the field as a psalmist and entered the palace as a minstrel… He developed a connection with God in that field that translated into an ability to bring others into the place he now lived, moved and had his being in… David left the field, but the field never left David… That place of devotion was not tied in to a field, it was now in David’s heart and he carried it wherever he would go for the rest of his life…

I’ve been involved in the worship and prayer movement since 1999. I go way back. I remember when IHOP Kansas City met in a double-wide trailer. I’ve been around this for a while… I am saying that to say that these psalmists are not called to the House of Prayer forever… God is calling these psalmist OUT. NOW! Now is the time for those who have been hidden in these sheep fields “TO EMERGE WITH THE REVELATION THEY’VE CULTIVATED” for years now… If we keep this to ourselves for another decade, we are not going to find ourselves in God’s will. That is a strong statement, but I believe strongly that God is calling the psalmists out of the fields and the caves to begin speaking for God through the arts in incredible ways…

YES, IT’S ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING… But this is a new level that is coming.


Consistency! Writings, video and audio – This is also the beginning of a new book that I will release called “The Restoration of the Prophetic Minstrel”

There are some books that are timeless… Others that are TIMELY… This next book is going to be a catalyst, as will this series of blogs, vlogs and podcasts be…

I’m at 750+ words, so I will go for now…

Thanks for going on this journey with me!


The “Prophetic Sound Man”


Neutral Atmosphere – Expanded Prophetic Language Series – Post #2

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Using the term “Neutral Atmosphere” is something I personally have never heard used in the church… I’d be interested to know if anyone else ever has used this terminology…

As a musician that has been called to operate in the anointing of a minstrel, I’ve found that creating neutral atmosphere is exactly the essence of what I am called to do. If you think of Neutral in terms of a car, this is the gear you put the car in when it is not purposed to go either forward or backward… There is not a direction that has been chosen rather it’s left open for the direction to come… If we stay with this analogy, it’s the driver that decides what direction to move…

If I choose to let the Holy Spirit “drive” so to speak, my neutrality is not something to be feared but actually enjoyed as I’m leaving things to be moved in the direction the Holy Spirit desires… Once I begin to discern His leading, I can then go in that direction rather than a direction that I had pre-determined hours or even days before a gathering. This atmosphere also gives EVERY PERSON the ability to discern what the Holy Spirit is personally saying to them rather than what one person has determined what each person should collectively hear… This view does not take anything away from the need for pastoral corporate messages… this is just ANOTHER way that the church can corporately meet that I fee is valid and has the potential to be practiced more often…

Intuitive Liturgy – Expanded Prophetic Language Series – Post #1

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Liturgy is simply an order by which one performs a spiritual service or gathering.

In the Methodist church I grew up in, the entire service order or liturgy was printed on bulletins and we did everything according to this bulletin. We knew what songs we would sing, which page the songs were on and we even read our prayers word for word.

The word intuition should not be “scary” to a christian. I believe our intuition is the very thing that relates to the Holy Spirit. We can intuitively sense what the Holy Spirit is saying and following His leading.

Intuitive Liturgy is simply conducting a service more “loosely” in order to make effort to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You may have a few songs picked out, but you may not do them. You may do one and then move into a spontaneous place for the remainder of your time. Often the music is used to create an atmosphere to hear and release the word of the Lord.

Last time I led on a Wednesday night worship service I had a drummer, a flautist and a bg singer with me… They asked me what songs I was doing and what order… I told them I did not know what I was going to do…

I literally sat down to the piano in a room of 100 people and had no idea what I was about to do and I was totally fine with that because I’ve learned what it means to have and create an Intuitive Liturgical experience and I brought others into it…By the end everyone was in AWE of God and you could have heard a pin drop it that place… Yes, God does move in lives through an ordered liturgy but God does not require that we have ordered liturgy in order to enter into His presence… I succeeded as a leader, not because I had pre-planned, but because everyone in that place was aware of His Presence.

There is nothing wrong with doing a service with a planned order. I am just defining a valid form of meeting with God that is more spontaneous in nature, it works and you can do it fruitfully…

Expanded Prophetic Language, Concepts & Definition for 2011

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Let’s face it, defining spiritual experience is challenging.

The reality is that descriptive language is often people’s beckoning call into experience…

I want to start off this year by revealing some language that the Holy Spirit has been giving me over these last few years as I’ve been writing. The goal is to relate this language and conceptual description of prophetic spiritual experience not solely for knowledge sakes, but to inspire you to HAVE AN EXPERIENCE…

I avoid using the term New language realizing that probably, someone, somewhere has already said what I’ll say… I use expanded because it’s not about new and old, throwing the former out for the new thing, but just some new ways to describe experiences that will hopefully lead people towards desiring them if they are so inclined… Look for these specific blog posts here in the latter part of 2010 and early part of 2011…