What I Feel Is Missing From “Corporate Worship” & What I’m Going To Do About It In 2019…

I want to be a part of bringing some things back to “The Christian Worship Experience” that my wife and I both have seen are missing…

I saw a vision in my mind of a puzzle with missing pieces…

The reality is, the “main stream worship experience” is often missing and lacking in expressions that we can find in the word of God.

The “corporate worship model” does not usual make room for those in attendance to release a “new song” or a “prophetic word of knowledge.”

The direction I am heading is to not speak ill of the corporate model, but to supplement the common corporate experience with ALTERNATIVE VENUES THAT LEND TOWARDS EXPANDED EXPRESSIONS AND PRACTICES IN WORSHIP… Some being spontaneous singing (the new song), the song of the Lord (prophetic word through song), word of knowledge and other gifts of the spirit, prophecy, scripture reading and prayers… Realize that I just listed 5 biblical, first-century New Testament Church practices that you won’t often find during Sunday morning services…

There is a NEED for venues and events that are purposed for these expressions to come forth…

So 2019 is going to be a progressive journey towards BRINGING PEOPLE TO THE LIVING ROOM OR BRINGING THE LIVING ROOM TO THEM… Events from homes to churches where an “open-mic policy” will be in play… Where WORSHIP LEADERS become FACILITATORS FOR WORSHIP… I’ve been doing this for years here and there but 2019 is the year where I feel I MUST NOT ONLY create venues and events but to TEACH & SHARE regarding BIBLICAL WORSHIP PRACTICES that will be lost in the next generation if we don’t pass them on… If we only focus on the corporate model of singing songs alone…

SOUNDS FROM THE LIVING ROOM will be a new theme of mine moving forward… The sounds of spontaneity and one-anothering edification rising from the CHURCH!

I’m excited to be a part and to share more moving forward… Jason

2 Responses to “What I Feel Is Missing From “Corporate Worship” & What I’m Going To Do About It In 2019…”

  1. Tami Hayes Says:

    Yes yes yes!!! I’ve acfially had elders on a church tell em to cut it off when I have began singing in the spirit. Every song is controlled and I’ve been asked ‘l what are you singing for worship?” Most Times I don’t know til
    I start. Yes there is room for a certain amount of controlled atmosphere in the corporate worship service but God is trying to speak and we are telling God what we will hear from
    Him and when we will hear from Him. God bless you on this journey and may He strengthen you.

    • Thanks for your feedback Tami… I believe the new song, the spontaneous praise as well as the prophetic song of (from) the Lord are all “missing pieces” that need to be reclaimed by the Church.

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