New Podcast Episode: Favor Above the Law

Been some time since I’ve posted…

Enjoy this new message that I shared at Refuge Church TEXAS. It’s a message that takes you through the life of Esther and shows us how she developed the boldness and understanding it took for her to UNDERSTAND that she was FAVORED ENOUGH to know that she was ABOVE THE LAW. We then go through the word of God to see how WE ALSO are highly favored before our King. Enjoy this reminder today and check out this new message…

Use the link below that works best for you to access the audio file…


One Response to “New Podcast Episode: Favor Above the Law”

  1. Hallo Jason I posted on your website a few months ago about the Minstre’s annointing and you requested me to get skype, I have skype now. I am from South Africa, living on a farm. God has been speaking to me alot about the Levites and how they ministered unto the Lord at the altar (Presence). So I would like to discuss that with you too. Regards Liezel van Niekerk, Burgersdorp South Africa

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