Kickstarter Update- 40% in just two days… Jump In With Us

Dear Friends,
After having only launched the Kickstarter Project on Monday morning this week, last night we were already sitting at 42% of the minimum goal. By any standards this is an incredible start… This project is dear to the heart of Father God because the purpose of creating this music is to bring the Father and His sons and daughters closer together… God wants this project to succeed, not so that my voice may be heard or so I can create one more CD, but so that the atmosphere of music this project will create will draw His children closer to Him, Spirit to spirit… I am going to be bold and ask you NOT to wait to support this project… To not wait to see where we are at towards the end… What if we reached the minimum goal next week…? What if we doubled the goal? These are possible realities if we can build something now… What will we do with the funds beyond the $1500? First, we will create a stretch goal that will help us create an even better CD… Second, we will start putting the funds away for our second project… I already have vision for at least three projects like this… So please, it will take 5 minutes of your time to go to the link, click the green BACK THIS PROJECT BUTTON and back the project today… Our next short-term goal is to be beyond 50% by this Friday…
Thank you so much for your consideration –
Jason Heilman
p.s. Be in prayer for us as we begin the recording process THIS SATURDAY May 16!

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