Redefining the term “Prophetic Worship” – Spontaneous Worship vs. Prophetic Song

This post is the first in a series of writings that I will be putting together…

It’s on my heart to biblically and clearly redefine some churchology that is out there in the body of Christ.

Today I am talking about “Prophetic Worship”

Let’s define these words separately…

Prophetic: Relating to the heart of God. To prophecy means to re-present the heart of God through voice or any art form in a way that encourages, exhorts and brings comfort to others.

Worship: A feeling or expression of reverence and/or adoration to God.

Ok so here is my point… How can worship be prophetic? How can our expressions of reverence and adoration to God BE PROPHETIC, MEANING, A RE-PRESENTATION OF THE HEART OF GOD.

If our expressions to God are from God, they are no longer our own and therefore NOT WORSHIP.


SPONTANEOUS: What people have been calling Prophetic Worship for many years really should have been called SPONTANEOUS WORSHIP. Worship and Adoration that comes directly out of your inspiration regarding the nature of God in the moment and released through any form of expression immediately and spontaneously…


1- If a person in a church sees a worship leader release a spontaneous song, they may think that worship leader has a prophetic gift that they themselves DO NOT HAVE, and therefore they may be squelched in even ever thinking they could SPONTANEOUSLY WORSHIP. We don’t want this happening.

2- We need to know the difference between SPONTANEOUS WORSHIP & PROPHETIC SONG. They are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

It’s really important to me that we don’t LUMP SPONTANEOUS WORSHIP AND PROPHETIC SONG together because what it does is DIMINISHES the release and activation of the prophetic in worship meetings and churches.


1- Spontaneous Worship occurs when an individual or group of people begin to release spontaneous words or phrases in the midst of a time of worship to God. This expressions comes direct from the hearts of God’s people unto Him. This is not prophetic.

2- Prophetic Song occurs when an individual singer acts as a re-presentative of the heart of God and releases a word, phrase or extended song that speaks representationally from God the Father to the people. This is NOT a time for people to sing along, it’s a time to listen and receive. Often, AFTER prophetic song occurs, people will respond with SPONTANEOUS WORSHIP. This is WHAT I DEFINE AS A CYCLE OF WORSHIP… Hearing from God, Responding to God… Divine Exchange (prayer is also involved in this exchange, and I will be writing on that in another post)

Concluding This Segment

My desire here is to make a distinction between Prophetic Song and Spontaneous Worship. We need to pull these two apart for the purpose of seeing each of these two expressions more FULLY EMERGE in the Body of Christ.


6 Responses to “Redefining the term “Prophetic Worship” – Spontaneous Worship vs. Prophetic Song”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 yes and amen. Well said. That reminds me of how I teach about the difference between spontaneous, prophetic, and choreographed dance. 👌

  2. While it may not be “proper” for the congregation as a whole to enter in while a prophetic song is in play, there is also the possibility that a second person may have a second part harmony to the prophetic song. Both the singing and the words will mesh.

    • I would love to see this day…

      • I would love to see it again. It happened only once in my life. A guy got up out of the congregation picked up a guitar and started singing. He’d sing a short verse then I would follow with another short verse. Either one alone were meaningless. This was during a major revival. I’ve sung in the Spirit since but never Prophetically. It was a one time event in my life. Sad to say.

  3. This is so good…and so necessary…how can I get your book?

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