DON’T GIVE UP Between The Spirit Revelation and the Natural Manifestation

Watch this video and then read the post.

In this video, you can see the volcano erupt and then about 12 seconds later you hear and feel the effect of the eruption. This video is a visual picture of what occurs in the realms of the spirit and our natural realm that we live in physically. Let me explain…

Your spirit is connected to the SPIRIT and this connection is in the realm of light. This connection occurs quickly. When we receive revelation in the place of prayer from the Spirit, it comes almost instantaneously. But just how REAL are the things we see in the Spirit?

Let me give you this example from my life. In April of 2014 God showed me a vision in my spirit of a coffee company that I would run that helped raise funds for ministry. In October of 2014 I held in my hand the very first bag of Kulani Coffee. NOW LISTEN, HERE IS THE WHOLE KEY OF THIS POST…

The revelation that I had in April was “the volcano erupting”… When I held the bag of coffee in my hand, that was “the shock wave of the eruption.” Are you seeing this!

The realm of sight and light is in the spirit and this revelation and realm is JUST AS REAL as the manifestation that occurs eventually in the natural – THESE REVELATIONS SIMPLY EXIST IN DIFFERENT REALMS.


Now BE ENCOURAGED to HOLD ON to those things that you’ve seen in your spirit from the Spirit of God. The manifestation is coming. We often miss out on the manifestation of what we see in the Spirit because we give up during the manifestation journey…

Now in this video, the sound took 12 seconds to reach the people on the boat… Not that long, but what about when you’ve been waiting months or even years for a manifestation to reach you? Continue to hold on and believe… Ask God to re-show you in your spirit what is coming if you truly believe the original revelation was from Him.

In Daniel 10:12-14 shares one of my favorite stories in the bible. In summary, an angel appears to Daniel and explains to Daniel that God HEARD Daniel’s prayer on the FIRST DAY, BUT that it took the angel 21 days to reach Daniel (THE MANIFESTATION) because of a spiritual battle with the “prince of Persia.”

In prayer, in the spirit, in the realm of light Daniel was able to instantaneously communicate with God, but it took 3 WEEKS IN THIS CASE for Daniel to see a MANIFESTATION IN THE NATURAL.

BE ENCOURAGED TODAY THAT YOUR MANIFESTATION IS ON IT’S WAY. Stay in the place of worship and prayer and let the SPIRIT remind your spirit of WHAT IS COMING.

I LOVE YOU – Be encouraged – Everything you need is on its way…

Jason Heilman


2 Responses to “DON’T GIVE UP Between The Spirit Revelation and the Natural Manifestation”

  1. Liana Harris Says:

    I ordered your book on 4/15/16. As of today, 06/13/2016 I have not received it. I have tried contacting via email, with no response. Can I have someone contact me immediately?

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