New Album Coming & Why I’m Excited About Using Patreon To Release & Fund My Music In 2015

As a prophetic musician, I believe that music is alive and for the “now”. The music God has given me is something that is alive and moving and for the moment. Over the past decade, it’s been difficult to figure out how to capture that so that it can keep the essence of “aliveness”. Since my first album in 2005, This Is The Generation, I’ve only released one other full-length album, that in 2010. With 2015 upon us, it’s time for me to release a new album in the spirit of releasing an album every 5 years. (insert laugh here) It’s going to be different this time… I think I’m finally figuring how I can release the music in a way that keeps this “aliveness”, and it has to do with consistently releasing new music, all of the time, a lot of the time.

This new album, which I am tentatively calling “It’s A Set-Up” will be different from anything I’ve ever done… but I believe it will set a precedence for the kind of music I will be releasing from now on.

The vision for the album is to create several 10-12 minute tracks that I am calling “prophetic soundscapes.” It literally is going to be an album that is purposed to literally “set you up” to have encounters in the spirit realm with the living, moving God.

Intentionality in music is HUGE, meaning that a creators intentions always come across through their art, whether music or other forms.

So you can expect to have encounters while listening to this music because I am prayerfully intending that you do. It’s really that simple.

The tracks won’t be focused on lyrics. It will rely heavily on piano, strings and heavily reverbed vocals that will “TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE.”

MY GOAL IS THAT YOU WON’T BE HEAVILY SWAYED WHERE THAT SOMEWHERE SHOULD BE. My desire is that you could listen to the same track multiple times and have an entirely different encounter with that music each time. So look for more on this in early 2015.


Patreon is a very new website that helps online content creators release and fund their varied art forms. I originally started my page with the idea to create videos of myself releasing prophetic music. Over the last few months, I’ve decided to move away from videos to focus on releasing the music as audio only. My wife and I agreed that video is not the ideal medium to release this form of music. We don’t want people to focus on a screen, but rather, to have the music as a backdrop to see in to the spirit realm.

WHY I AM EXCITED ABOUT PATREON: I feel like this channel of distribution is perfect for me, because it allows me to CONTINUALLY RELEASE MUSIC, “living, active, for the now time and season music.” AND it’s a way for people who appreciate this type of music and expression to financially support my art and the time it takes to create.

Let’s face it, generally, recording albums and selling albums is how musicians are able to keep making music and creating more time to record more music to sell more to make more etc. etc. etc.

BUT THE GAME IS CHANGING. You don’t have to wait years between projects and albums anymore. You don’t have to wait until the “album drops.” You can release music on a weekly basis… You can accumulate an albums worth of music over a 2 month period of time… What I like about Patreon is that you don’t have to spend a year recording 10 songs that fans will buy once and do it all over again (something I’ve obviously not been in to)

I can just put the music OUT THERE and if you appreciate the EXPERIENCE THAT YOU HAVE while listening and you’d like to HELP CREATE MORE TIME FOR ME TO CONTINUE, THEN YOU WILL PAY ME TO HELP CONTINUE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. I love this idea conceptually… I hope it pans out in 2015. I encourage you to VISIT MY PATREON PAGE NOW, enjoy the few songs I’ve already released and consider becoming a PATRON OF MINE for as little as $1 per month.

I want to create more audio content in 2015 than I have in the last decade combined, I really feel called to do that and to RELEASE MY SOUND  TO THE WORLD because I know it’s going to stir thousands to release their sounds as well in to the earth. It’s an exciting time… So if YOU value the content that I am putting out and will be putting out in 2015 and beyond, support us financially… because money equals time.

To a continual encounter –

Psalmist/Minstrel Jason Heilman

The Prophetic Sound Man

If you are reading this in December of 2014, all of my MP3 albums are all on sale for just $5 each.

Visit to preview and purchase.

Become a Patron Today – Visit Jason’s Patreon Page


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