Father God As Rewarder

“The Father loved you before you came to Him. He justified you when you came to Christ. But he rewards those who diligently seek Him.”

“If you want to be “delivered”, first find a great destination.”

The previous are two quotes I threw on Facebook this morning after a great time with the Lord.

I’m going to start shifting this blog to topics regarding the character/nature of the Father and how the knowledge of these qualities of the Father influence how we practically engage in life.

This morning I asked the Father, “Father, what is a quality of you that I need to grow in my understanding of.”

He spoke “rewarder”. That led to the previous FB posts. Today I just want to explain those two posts.

#1 – I already have God’s unconditional love. And I know the blood of the Son Jesus justifies me eternally before the Father. Love and justification are great things to understand and have. But I want the rewards of the diligent seeker. I want all I can have in the Kingdom of God.

#2- I find that I will not let go of something if I don’t have something better to grab a hold of… I think this goes for most people. People talk of being “delivered” from things in life whether that be sin or some other distraction. If there is a negative distraction, there must also be a positive attraction. I think sometimes the enemy knows what the ATTRACTION is more than we do. How else and why else would the enemy devise a plan of distraction.

What I need more of is to understand the attractions of the Kingdom of God… To understand the rewards of those who diligently seek Him.

If I can keep my mind upon Him who is a rewarder, it will in turn assist me in ignoring the distractions from that reward. It’s a whole lot easier to fall for a distraction when you don’t have something in your sight that attracts you in a greater way.



p.s. WordPress has no concept of the Father as rewarder… It doesn’t recognize the word rewarder as a word… Interesting.



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