I Explain “Bear Fruit In Keeping With Repentance” In A Way You Might’ve Never Heard (Luke 3)

Key Verse Today:

Luke 3:8a “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”

Repentance is not bawling at an altar for things God already forgave you for at last night’s revival meeting. It’s CHANGING YOUR MIND. CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK, WHICH WILL, IN TURN, HOPEFULLY CHANGE THE WAY YOU LIVE.

The Lord gave me a great analogy for the meaning of repentance.

Last night I was watching a documentary called Moo Man. There was a scene in the movie with Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms. I love this guy. He is an organic farmer. If you want to learn more about him, click on the links. I love how this guy farms and thinks.

The scene I want to refer to regards how he “pens” his chickens. (Video) He builds a square pen that is tall enough and large enough to house a group of chickens. This pen is roomy, open and outdoors in his clover fields. This method is directly opposite of mass producers methodology of putting hundreds of birds in close proximity without direct sunlight within large barns that never move and that don’t even let in light in most cases. So here is what Joel does DAILY. I LOVE THIS. HE MOVES the chickens pens exactly one pens distance down the field. If you can visualize this with me, you could look back across the field and see each days location of the pen. Why does he do this…? There are many reasons, but I want to point out two…

1) Fresh Grass 2) Leaves Yesterday’s Crap Behind

So my Analogy to Bear Fruit in Keeping with Repentance is simple… Each day, go after “fresh grass” & leave “yesterday’s crap” behind.

Those large industrial pens produce terrible chickens who live terrible lives in terrible conditions. They literally live in days and weeks of “crap.” They smell it, live in it and ingest it. That’s NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.


Each day we have to deal with negative things that come our way. Some of these get lodged in our minds. That’s why the Word says to Re-New our minds. Re-New and Re-Pent are related.

I am asking God for a greater consistency in how I bear fruit in my life… In how I act and treat people, how I treat my family and how I do ministry and business and make a living. God is saying that it starts in the heart and the mind. If I can DAILY RE-PENT AND RE-NEW that will lead to consistent, healthy, ORGANIC FRUIT.

I’ve often focused more, in the past, on the projects or the work I was doing and less upon the heart and mind. But God is re-newing something in my heart… To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness… To seek to keep my mind and thoughts and attitude renewed first thing daily so that I may BEAR FRUIT IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE AS I KEEP WITH RE-PEN-TANCE.

I hope this was good for you. Comments, questions and asking for clarity is welcomed here!

Talk to you soon,



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