Want to be fruitful? Be faithful. (Stay In The Vine)

I saw a friend’s FB post this morning and a quick flash of vision accompanied as I read, “Want to be fruitful? Be faithful.”

I graciously feel as if I’d had success during my life regarding many of the plans and projects that I’ve set forth to accomplish. I give honor to the Father for this.

But I want to talk about something today that I, and probably you, deal with… distractions. I won’t spend time to make of list of distractions… you know what yours are as I know mine.

I believe that the Father has plans for us and good works that He’s planned in advance for us to do. I also believe that there is an enemy who opposes us and whose desire is to destroy the plans God has made. If the enemy can’t destroy the plans, I believe that “next best idea” is to use distraction to deter us from accomplishing that which God the Father has compelled us to accomplish.

Do you ever feel as if you are flowing with momentum and then one day you wake up, you get distracted and you lose the “mojo”? Happens to me more than I’d like… And what I feel today, and what my friends FB post inspired in me, is to BECOME MORE PROACTIVE in what I call ABIDING IN THE VINE. Let’s read a scripture out of John 15.

John 15:4-5 

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

Jesus refers to himself “the vine” in this passage. Many of us know this passage and we understand the concept of remaining in the vine.

What I am getting today goes beyond the positivity of remaining to the negativity of NOT remaining. To REMAIN IN CHRIST is to PROACTIVELY acknowledge and seek HIM multiple time each day. Jesus said I can’t do ANYTHING apart from HIM. I take this to mean that I can’t do any of the GOOD WORKS PLANNED FOR ME, the works Paul spoke of in Ephesians 2:10.

Sure, I might be able to do some stuff, but not Kingdom stuff. The enemy doesn’t care if we do just some stuff. We wonder sometimes why people in the world can make so much money and have so much success. It’s because it’s not Kingdom. Ok…

So the main point I’m taking from the Lord today, and sharing with you, is that we have to proactively fight for our PLACE OF ABIDATION. I just made up that word, ABIDATION. It’s our place of abiding, it’s our place of staying IN HIM.

The Vision

So in closing, the vision I saw… It was a quick flash vision of a tomato plant being taken out of the ground, roots and all. It remained out to the ground for a short amount of time, then replanted. This process of uprooting and replanting occurred multiple times. It resulted in no fruit coming forth…

The is how I feel sometimes regarding projects and true, from the Lord, vision for and projects for my life. I feel like a plant that gets rooted and ready to go that all of a sudden finds itself DISTRACTED RIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND, right out of the sustenance.

So if you want to BE FRUITFUL you need to BE FAITHFUL, and not JUST to the work but to HIM who is FAITHFUL. If I can stay in that vine, that relational place with HIM, I will ALWAYS HAVE the creativity, the inspiration and the MOJO TO DO the works He created in advance for me… This is some good stuff guys, but it’s only good if we DO IT.




3 Responses to “Want to be fruitful? Be faithful. (Stay In The Vine)”

  1. To take it a bit further, the branch is totally dependant on the vine. It cannot survive without the food and nourishment that the vine provides. It cannot accomplish anything on its own. Everything we do is gross to God. The Word says our best efforts are like filthy rags(literally: used tampons) to him. When He says to remain in the vine it is because without the vine we will be cut off from the life blood of Christ. It is this life blood that feeds us and produces fruit despite us and our ‘works’. It is not according to our own works in any way (lest we should boast).
    Our job is to enjoy life in Christ. To abide in Him and what He did for us. All we have have to do is rest in Him and watch Him go to work. “I am dead in Christ.” Christ lives through me, (not I who lives through Christ). He has blessed us with giftings and talents (“My gifts are without repentance”) and when we use them He is delighted.Just like a father delights inn his children. But, whether we use our gifts and talents or not does not determine our salvation our standing in His eyes. The enemy would have us convinced that we must earn the approval of our Father. That is a lie. Our Father looks at us through crimson-stained sun glasses and smiles at our silliness and loves us despite it all. That is what Christ did for us! It’s awesome!
    We are free to enjoy Christ and rest in His good and accomplished works. .,,and no guilt trips!

    • I 100% agree that we don’t need to earn salvation or approval. We cannot.

      I will now take it further still and say that you don’t even need salvation to earn the love or enjoyment of the Father.

      God the Father’s enjoyment of you is separate from your salvation…

      The word said that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Would the Father send his Son to die for people he didn’t even like? I don’t think so. And, it’s not very compelling to come to a a Father that won’t like you until you do. (come to Him)

      I think more people would be interested in The Kingdom if we liked them before they showed interest in the Kingdom… And also shared that the Father is totally, wildly interested in them before they even acknowledge Him.

      • Absolutely! Amen.
        He is Love and He loves us all equally and totally.
        Funny thing: sometimes I find myself “liking” the unbelievers more than some “Christians”… must be my flesh… ;P
        I want to view all of mankind through God’s eyes. …the hookers, shepherds, street people, alternative lifestyles, pastors and, yes, even the politicians and rich people! LOL
        We must love them all with God’s Love because, in the flesh, some of these people can be a bit difficult to love… (that includes me!)
        Anyway, I got a bit off topic.
        I like the image Jesus gives of us being the branch and He the vine. The vine provides us with our life blood, the Sonlight gives us our vitality. This agricultural representation also translates well as a picture of God’s church, the body of Christ.
        When we are grafted into the vine we do not lose our character. My father has an orchard with all types of apple trees, pear trees and plum trees. He has grafted branches from different trees onto one tree and those branches bear fruit that are the same as the trees they came from. They don’t lose their DNA. That is the same as when we are grafted into the Vine. God wants us as He found us. He wants us to keep the characteristics that He created in us. The Apostles are described by their names and their occupations for a reason. This is who they were as humans. They were fisherman, doctors etc AND they were followers of Christ. I love that.
        When we are grafted into the Vine we retain our character. Yet, our identity is in Christ the Vine.
        To be aware of (and overcoming) our distractions, be it humanistic or the enemy of our souls, is great. Just don’t let it become a measuring rod of your approval in your Father’s eyes.
        Lots of bliss and fire on your life.

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