Re-examining our concept of “Personal Space”

Today I want to propose that God the Father never intended us to incorporate our cultural concept of personal space into our relationship with Him. Let me recap a portion of the notes I released in yesterday’s post…

At infancy, the optimal distance for eye to eye contact is about 10 inches – which just happens to be the distance between a baby and its nursing mother. This simple interaction encourages brain development, release of critical hormones, and reinforces a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being. “You are the apple of my eye.” It’s a phrase that a mother could easily use to describe how she cherishes her nursing baby. But the root meaning of this phrase is found not in the expression of human love but a love that is not of this world…the love of God.

As we grow older, we all have grown in an understanding of personal space. Depending on your culture, we all come to realize that there is a certain amount of space that we leave between our face and the face of those we speak with.

While studying this topic, I felt the Lord speak to me that He never intended that we, as His children, incorporate this sense of personal space into our relationship with Him.

As we mature in the Lord, let us continue to keep that heart of a child. Let us continue to meet him face to face.


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