Sounds from the back seat…

Today, driving to hang out at “Gigi’s House” we had the pleasure of listening to Zoey sing along to a worship song we played in the car… Thus the name of today’s post… “Sounds from the back seat”

I can’t help but well up with a tear as I simultaneously grin whilst gazing into the rearview mirror at my awesome little girl as she sings with her little lisp the name of Jesus.

Later that evening she showed us all a dance to the song as well.

My daughter is 3. She knows half the words to this song. Her dance moves are obviously not professional… And guess who doesn’t care at all… in the least… HER DAD

Just know today that God isn’t giving thought to the professionalism of your expression nor the format of your prayer. He’s just glad to have you…


One Response to “Sounds from the back seat…”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    This is so sweet and powerful at the same time. #touched

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