It’s Time To Dream – New Song Release – Listen Now

Happy January 4 – I decided today to simply release this song from last night. I had the opportunity to share in music and the word at Prince of Peace Church in Arlington, TX. We had an awesome time.

I recorded the evening and worked on a few songs this morning. I really felt like releasing this song today, It’s Time To Dream. I feel that it’s something that will really stir you for what God the Father has prepared for you!

So today I am making it available for streaming only…

GREAT NEWS: The recording of the music that evening turned out pretty well. I am excited to announce that I will be releasing this evening of worship and music as soon as possible, probably next week. I will be making the entire evening available for Download here on the site. So be looking forward to that… But for now, enjoy this preview…

It’s Time To Dream

It’s time to dream – It’s time to dream again – It’s time to believe – That you can achieve what He’s conceived for you to do

There are good works He’s prepared in advance for you to do – There are good works He’s prepared for you


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