A Whole Lot of Pruning Going On

“Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:2

Do we want more fruit? Do we really? Or do we just want to make ourselves think we have a lot going on (when we really don’t)

The scripture in John is about fruitfulness, but it’s mixed with subtraction. You often need to give up to get… You can’t keep what’s unnecessary and add to the bearing of fruit… Something has to give.

Last year God asked me to give some things up for a season. I was being pruned for the purpose of bearing fruit in the next season of my life. We often don’t get excited about future fruit while in the process of having pieces of ourselves cut off…

But, the more I realize the purpose of the trimming, the more I begin to embrace it and anticipate it’s purpose.

I’ve been traveling again, and I’m seeing a lot of pruning going on in people, places and ministries… It’s giving me perspective on my own life. Honestly at times I, and others out there I’m sure, are tempted to keep “dead branches” around because, hey, “at least it give the APPEARANCE that we have something going on.” We keep dead projects and dead aspirations on our plate to either feel busy or give an appearance of business when, the reality is, those “branches” are not worth keeping. When we cut these things off, we may look and feel like we don’t have anything going on like we once did. But the reality is, we are preparing ourselves for greater growth just down the road.

I want to grow in my acceptance of seasons of pruning. I want to embrace the value of cutting off the unproductive for the purpose of seeing something new be focused upon.

I think the HARDEST PART is cutting away a branch that ONCE WAS FRUITFUL, but due to time and circumstance, it’s no longer bearing fruit. We are going to stay on this topic for a while here, but today I just want to encourage you that YOU ARE AWESOME enough for God to take the time to PRUNE.

Let’s not be upset at the Father who is actually taking time to go through our lives and remove all the things that don’t deserve our time, attention and energy.

I can remember going out to the garden with my dad when I was a kid. He would go through the tomato plants and pick off little branches that were stemmed out from between two larger, fruit bearing branches. Like all kids, I asked, “Why’d you do that dad?” He replied, “So that the nutrients go to the fruit.”

The Father desires for the nutrients in your life to go towards fruitful, kingdom things. Let’s not fight it. Let’s allow the Father to trim where He sees fit. Amen

You’re Awesome – Jason

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    Love this

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