Why Am I Naming This Blog “You’re Awesome”?

Say “I’m Awesome”

I love my kids. Zoey is 3 1/2 and Phoenix will be 3 months old in a few days! Even before Zoey could talk, I was speaking THE WORD OVER HER LIFE. One of my favorite things to say to her is simply, “You’re Awesome.” When she began to talk, I would ask Zoey to repeat things back to me so that I could develop her speech AND to develop her understanding of WHO SHE IS.

I would say to Zoey, “Zoey, say ‘I’m awesome.'” Zoey would then repeat, “I’m AWSHUM.”

It brings me so much joy to hear my daughter agree with and repeat over herself my thoughts towards her.

This is all an obvious parallel to our relationship with the heavenly Father.

I am starting this Blog with the intents to eventually release my second book which with be entitled… yes… “You’re Awesome”

My daughter has inspired this entire blog and future writing.

Global Identity Crisis

Something I have become even more aware of recently is the current Global Identity Crisis. People simply have no frame of reference for who they are as a child of God. It’s harder in the current culture because of the lack of good, natural, earthly fathers. When you tell people that they have a heavenly Father who love them, they can’t even frame that up in their minds due to the lack of their personal experience with any kind of “fatherly love.”

If we are going to see this crisis absolved we are going to have to begin re-presenting the HEAVENLY FATHER in both WORD AND DEED.

I am choosing to release both expressions. This blog will be a place to re-present the WORD OF THE FATHER in fun, humorous and encouraging ways. (and eventually, the book will accomplish this as well.)

I will also be a part of releasing the Love of the Father is deed though our ministry to the church and to the ends of the earth. For more on this please check out http://www.letsstoptraffick.org – Our ministry partnership with Shores of Grace in Brazil is also a big inspiration for what I am doing here. There are girls in Brazil and all across the earth selling themselves because they have no understanding of a Father who loves them and has so much more for their lives than what they currently know. It’s time to both tell and show them…

I look forward to the many things we will discuss and share here on the second phase of the prophetic sound man blog – YOU’RE AWESOME.

You’re Awesome – Jason

Are you interested in helping Jason & Ann-Marie release the love of the Father in both Word and Deed to children in need? Let’s Stop Traffick is a ministry devoted to rescuing children from prostitution in Brazil. Please consider assisting the Heilman’s to reach these children with a monthly pledge of $10 or more. You can find out more information and partner today at www.letsstoptraffick.org 


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