Heilman Summer 2012 Tour In Review

Sorry, I am just now getting to this review a month and a half after I returned. We were on the road from June-August 2012 and we ministered each and every weekend of the summer. We travelled over 8,000 miles in our little Toyota Corolla. We had some great times and we also had our share of struggles, but in the end, it was worth it all. We created many memories along the way.

I want to thank everyone who helped support us along the way, those who gave both financial and emotional support. We believe that, as a family it was something that we were called to do. After having not really travelled the past few summers, it was great to get out on the road again. I think God used us to do something unique and different in each of the places that we stopped, and we know that people were encouraged by our ministry and by the resources (books and CD’s) that we left behind. Only eternity will really tell what impact was really made upon lives throughout this summer journey.

After returning home I have been really contemplating the next phase of our lives as a family, including where the ministry side of our calling and lives is heading. I look forward to sharing some more things with you in the hopeful near future. Again, thanks for all of the support and for all of the hospitality that we graciously received over the summer of 2012. We won’t soon forget it.

Jason, Ann-Marie and Zoey Heilman


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