Heilman Sumer Ministry Tour – June Month In Review

Heilman Sumer Ministry Tour June Month In Review

We started our 3 month journey June 1. After leaving our home behind May 26, (we rented it out for the summer to help with the massive expense of touring for 3 months) and a 5 day stay in Ann-Marie’s parents home, we set off for Houston, TX. We stayed with my mom and dad in their condo on Galveston Island, just south of Houston, and had a blast during our down time. That Saturday night and Sunday morning we had an awesome weekend of ministry with Pastor Jason Morse and Sozo Church in Pasadena, TX. God is doing countless things through each ministry session, but I will, for the sake of length, try to share just one testimony from each tour stop. (It’s honestly impossible to report to you all the Holy Spirit does when we gather together… Awesome!)

One gentleman was really ministered to Saturday evening during a night of prophetic music ministry that I led from the keys. He spoke to me about a “voice” that he’s had in his life for over 20 years. I often speak about the story of Jesus removing the mourners from Jarius’ daughter’s room as a correlation between our “negative sounds” and how Jesus wants to dismiss them from each of us and replace it with sounds of the Kingdom. This man told me that he was set free that night from this negative sound that he’s dealt with for over two decades. He told me that every time he felt like he was moving toward success or a break-through in his life, he would begin to fear it would fail, even if things looked 100% possible, he would still fear failure. He said he felt that fear leave his life and it was replaced by faith and by the acceptance of the Father.

The following week we left Texas, me knowing I would not return to the Lone Star State for almost another 2.5 months. We journeyed to Harrison, AK, a town in the Branson, MO region. I’ve been sowing into this region for the past 6 years and this time was the best thus far. We ministered with an awesome lady, Tracy Mooney. Ann-Marie and I both ministered Saturday night and Sunday morning and then capped it off Sunday night, which many of the people said was one of the most awesome times the’ve had in worship. I would have to agree.. The pinnacle came during the end. Lately I’ve been experimenting with some new sounds on the keyboard and with my vocals. I was using reverb delay and echo on my vocal along with a sweet keyboard string… I moved into this 10+ minute time of releasing a falsetto sound vocally and people thought my wife was singing… IT WAS AWESOME! We re-presented and tapped in to some different realms of sound that night. It was really incredible. I think overall people in Harrison that night personally moved into expanded realms of expression in their own lives. They won’t be the same ever again. Glory! We want to thank Tracy for the gift of giving us an awesome two night stay at the Welk Resort in Branson, MO. We had an awesome, refreshing family time there. We were so blessed.

After an insane 12 hour drive that included the leaving and finding of an iPhone at a gas station restroom (am) 😉 we moved on to Freeport, IL and were able to see some of my extended family, as that is the region that I grew up in. I led worship for all four services at Crossroads in Freeport, IL. It was a  great weekend ministering alongside my friend Pastor Glen Williamson. I was able to release a passion through my leading style that I was told & encouraged had an impact upon the church. It was great to see some people I had not seen in quite a while there in the church I grew up in during high school. We then moved 45 minutes East to Rockford, IL and my wife ministered and taught dance there during that next week. We were really blessed again with a three night stay in an awesome hotel called Cliffbreakers in Rockford, IL. Thanks again Holly!

After a few days of Ann-Marie taking some professional dance class in Chicago at Hubbard and a family fun day at Chicago’s Navy Pier (a place I’ve surprisingly never been as an Illinois native) we headed back West to Lena, IL to minister at the Father’s House. I love Pastor Pat and his wife Tricia and I love what they are doing and what they represent in the Kingdom, not just in Lena, but for the entire North Central Illinois region. I was blessed to minister there on a Sunday morning in both music and speaking the word. Whenever I get a chance to see that the leaders of a church ministered to, I leave overjoyed. It was a quick visit, but we were encouraged to come back again, and for my wife to teach her Movementology Seminar during the next visit. Yes! They were really impacted by the dance Ann-Marie released as I sang my song “I Can’t Wear This Armor.” It was a refreshing time, and we were used by the Holy Spirit to encourage and confirm a lot of where they are moving as a corporate body over the next 1-2 years. Just a great, encouraging time in the Holy Spirit.

I now write to you from our last stop for the month of June, Onalaska/LaCrosse, WI. We arrived here and enjoyed a few days break before Ann-Marie began a 2 1/2 day dance workshop. I’m proud to say that my wife is an amazing, highly sought after national dance teacher and choreographer. It’s awesome the relationships she has and the lives she impacts nationally through the art of movement. She’s having an awesome impact on the lives of the students here this week. After Friday’s day of classes, we jump in the car and head to Michigan where the tour really kicks into high gear. Stay tuned for the July update!

Reality Check

This is a missions/ministry trip. This is work. No doubt. We are having fun, but it’s crazy. WE ARE CRAZY. We are realizing just how crazy we are. Zoey is an awesome child, and we love her. Ann-Marie and I love each other. But being in a car for hours, moving from place to place… it will test your love and it has. All of us re-charge alone, so it’s been a challenge to get our personal recharge… but we are making it happen.

I just really want people from the outside looking in to realize that this is not a 3 month vacation. This is work. This is sacrifice. But it’s worth it.

I recently wrote on a FB post that whatever you do will come with challenges, so you may as well do what you are passionate about. Just yesterday I encouraged my wife that if we were home this summer, we’d be dealing with challenges and issues just like we are on the road. Yes, they’d be different challenges… but at least the challenges we are facing are occurring while we are out traveling, doing what we love and what we were made to do. WE have to FIGHT to keep the right perspective.

Last night I rode a jet ski for the first time… and the intake got clogged with weeds. I had to jump off the jet ski in the middle of the Mississippi River to rip seaweed out. I was a little freaked. I got a little intense towards my wife who was with me. But today, this story is both hilarious and AWESOME. I had negative emotions during the challenge of this experience… But, what remains today is the joy, the laughter and the exhilaration of the experience. I know that is what we, as a family, will carry with us long after this summer tour has passed. So, momentary challenges will come and go, but fruit and changed lives will remain, and those are the memories we will enjoy and cherish.

I encourage you to go Live Your Quotes today. Take a risk today. Go LIVE. It will be tough. There will be challenges. But it WILL BE WORTH IT. GLORY!

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Your gifts are so appreciated. Thanks also for your thoughts and prayers!




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  1. That’s awesome bro. So great to hear what God is doing with you guys and it’s crazy how He has connected you with leaders all over the nation to make all of this work and bring Him glory!!!

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