Become A Summer Tour Partner


Our Goal: To raise a minimum travel budget of $2000 for the entirety of the tour. This budget will be allocated for travel expenses during the tour including vehicle rental, gas, occasional motel stays and meals on the road. Yes, our tour hosts will bless us financially, but we felt God lead us to raise this travel budget to alleviate this area of our expenses for the summer in advance. It also allows us to go forth freely as SENT ONES (APOSTLES) as members of our church family send us forth. Our goal is to raise the minimum travel budget by May 25.

Thank you for your willingness to join us as a Summer Tour Partner. All of your tax-deductible gifts will be accounted for through our affiliate financial ministry: Modern Day.  There are a number of ways that you can give which include:

1) Print, fill out and mail the PDF version of the newsletter  to: 35 Abbey Rd. Euless, TX 76039.

2) Join us as a Monthly Partner for 3 monthly installments via electronic debit via the Modern Day Website.

3) Join us with a one time gift via electronic debit via the Modern Day Website.

4) Mail a one time gift check made out to Modern Day to: 35 Abbey Road Euless, TX 76039.

Remember our goal is to raise this budget by May 25, 2012. You can set up your debits for the summer at any time before this date. The debits will not be enforced until the months of June, July and August. Thank you again!


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