Day 38 of 47 days… 47 quotes from the new book The Potential of God’s Presence…

From Chapter Five – The Sound of God’s Presence

(The Power of Death and Life Is In the Tongue Part I)

The Message translation of Proverbs 18:21 reads: “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Many of us have heard of studies done by scientists regarding playing different forms of music to plants in order to monitor their growth in response to their exposure to the different genres of music. For the most part, plants exposed to classical music showed the most significant positive response to music. Oftentimes the plants exposed to classical music actually began to tilt towards the speakers from which the music was played.

I want to share a dream with you regarding this that I feel was from the Lord. I’m sure I dream more than I realize, but I rarely remember my dreams. When I do remember them, they are usually dreams that I know are from the Lord. This is one of those dreams. I remember walking into a room that contained a shelf holding several pots containing various types of flowers. As I approached the flowers to get a better look, I realized that all of them were beginning to wilt and wither. What I did next in the dream was I began to sing to the flowers. I began to sing notes and sounds; I did not sing specific words. As I began to sing, the flowers began to grow and bloom before my eyes. I literally sang the flowers back to life. (Part II Continues On Day 39)

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