Day 34 of 47 days… 47 quotes from the new book The Potential of God’s Presence…

From Chapter Four – Positioned For God’s Presence

This format of worship service is what you will generally find in many Western modern-day Sunday morning church gatherings. HEAR ME: These meetings are not void of God’s presence. Understand that I am not trying to bring any negativity to the way that churches are choosing to format worship services today. God is present and moving in people’s lives in those meetings. But I do believe that God is calling out in this hour for the church to expand its view of the worship experience! God wants us to expand our standard of what it means to meet with Him. I believe it is true that you will get what you expect. Whatever standard you set, you will reach. 

I want to refer back to my TV analogy here. If I had still had my old standard definition TV set plugged into my cable box during free HD week, it would not have mattered how much I would have loved to see HD on my old TV set. It could not have happened because the reception standard on my old TV was too low to be able to receive the HD signal. That cable box could be sending HD signals all day long, but it would not matter on that old set because it was not equipped to receive such a high signal level. The standard of “The Receiver” was not high enough for the higher standard of HD signal.

 We need to posture ourselves for what the Lord wants to release to us. We need to stop acting like old standard TVs. God is trying to get us to understand that He created us to receive so much more than what we’ve realized. He is crying out from His deep to the depths of who we are. He wants to pour it out to us, but we need to position ourselves to receive it. It’s time for us to upgrade our expectations. We cannot stand upon the standard of yesterday and expect to go into the depths of today!

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