Day 22 of 47 days – Book Endorsement: Dr. Brian Simmons

Jason has given the church an on-ramp for the presence of Jesus through his writing. A timely topic for EVERY BELIEVER, you will not be disappointed with The Potential of God’s Presence! It will awaken your heart to all the possibilities of encountering God as you worship Him. Jason’s writings will challenge you not to miss the relationship potential waiting for you as you set your heart apart to find Him. The Word is clear, God is looking for lovers, worshippers who will seek Him all their days. This book will provide a vital link in that quest. Happy reading!

-Dr. Brian Simmons

Founding Pastor Gateway Christian Fellowship West Haven, CT

Founder Apostolic Resource Center & Stairway Ministries

I’ve just released a new pre-order campaign on a fund-raising site called Kickstarter with the goal of 100 backers before December 17. From November 1 onward I will be sharing one quote a day from the book to bring potential “pre-orderers” some more context to what this book is all about… Know that these quotes are not necessarily made to stand alone, but they represent the greater part of what the book is all about… I hope that these quotes will inspire and persuade you to take the plunge on getting your copy of The Potential of God’s Presence… Thanks

Pre-Order Your Copy of The Potential of God’s Presence today…


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