Day 12 of 47 Days… 47 quotes from the new book The Potential of God’s Presence…

From Chapter Five – The Sound of God’s Presence

Music can be used to transmit the heart of God into our senses. Prophetic music is translation. While researching I was amazed to realize that the frequencies that radio stations transmit are not the frequencies that we pick up on our radios and ultimately hear. Radio stations transmit what is known as Radio Light. These frequencies of transmission are located much higher on the spectrum than the actual radio waves that we eventually hear. The radio receiver actually acts as a translator between these two frequencies. The receiver’s purpose is to pick up the high levels of frequency from the station and then transform them into the frequency format that our ears can hear. 

Minstrels do the same thing when they release musical vibrations that are re-presentations of what they are sensing from the Spirit of God. Because of the limitations of our abilities to release the spiritual, some things will inevitably be “lost in translation.” That is why I am such an advocate for first-hand revelation because this revelation comes direct from the “station,” so to speak. 

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