Day 11 of 47 days… 47 quotes from the new book The Potential of God’s Presence…

Book Endorsement from Pastor & Apostle Olen Griffing

A modern day psalmist and minstrel, Jason Heilman is a son of Shady Grove Church. When God first called Jason, he spent countless hours at the All Nations House of Prayer pouring out his heart to God. I remember the early days of walking past the prayer room as he worshipped before the Lord. He kept his hands on the keyboard and his heart before God, and God did a transforming work in his life. In his first book, The Potential of God’s Presence, Jason shares the lessons he’s learned since those early days and takes the reader on a journey to become a minister before God. The highest call on each of our lives is relationship with God – it is to know God and make Him known. Simply put, we are each called to minister to Him, to be a worshipper of Him. Jason challenges you to do just that. Allow The Potential of God’s Presence to challenge you, move you, and encourage you as you answer the call to become a modern day psalmist unto God.

-Olen Griffing

Founding Pastor Shady Grove Church Dallas, TX

Founder and Apostle Antioch Oasis International 

Click here to pre-order Jason’s Book


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