Day 8 of 47 days… 47 quotes from the new book The Potential of God’s Presence…

Just wanted to give the full chapter and sub-chapter list for the book… This will give you a great overview of the contents…

The Potential Of God’s Presence Synopsis

Chapter One: When You Seek Him You WILL Find Him

It’s Not a Maybe Issue – Worship Is a Decision

Chapter Two: God Desires Relationship

How Did The Church Lose Their Song? –  Fear:  A Source of Institutionalism – Concern with the Prophetic Ministry in the Church Today – Tehillah “Homemade” Praise – God Rules and Manifests from Your Tehillah Throne – God’s Honor/Man’s Distraction – There’s No Other Praise Like Your Praise – The Restoration of Creativity is for the Entire Church – The “New Sound” Is Now  – Helping God Find What He’s Seeking

Chapter Three: The Potential Of God’s Presence

Press Into The Potential – Priority One: Get to Know Who God Is – Knowledge + Expectation + Action Equals Power – Wait On The Lord – Realizing Potential Is Just the Beginning

Chapter Four: Positioned For God’s Presence

Am I Missing Something? – Human Lightning Streamers – Sacrifice Equals Fire – Are You HD Ready? – First-Hand Revelation – One of Music’s Greatest Purpose Is for Recreation – You Are a Participant in Your Own Re-creation – The Lens of Entertainment – Bread & Circuses – What Happened to Our Imaginations? – Let’s Get Practical – What To Expect at a Rejuvenation Gathering –  Let’s Stay Engaged

Chapter Five: The Sound Of God’s Presence

God Is Light/God Is Sound – He Has Given Us the Spirit Which Is of God – Sound Is Communication – The Science of Worship – The Point of Transcendence – Jesus Valued the Alpha Wave Brain State – Tuning Out The Noise/Tuning In to Specific Frequencies – Dismiss the Negative Sound – Not Quite Ready for the Throne Room – We Exist Because Of The Word God Is Speaking –  Sound Created and Maintains Creation – The Power of Death And Life Is In the Tongue – Surroundings Affect the Nature and Expression of Your Being – Take Time to Listen for The Sound

Chapter Six: Facilitating God’s Presence

Seeking/Discerning/Moving – Distractions from the Still Small Voice – Creators, Facilitators and Responders – The Creation of Neutral Atmospheres – The Re-Presenters – Musical Imagery, Imagination And Memory – Has the Church Lost Their Spontaneity? – Spirituality versus Religion – The Earth’s Cultures Reveal The Nature Of God – Broaden the Structure to Broaden Expression – Give Me A Venue

Chapter Seven: My Journey As A Prophetic Minstrel

Conditional Prophecy – From Word to Reality – The First Time I Sensed The Minstrel’s Anointing – Waiting on the Word – Walking in the Word – The Release of the Minstrel

Chapter Eight: The Minstrels: God’s Atmosphere Creators

The Contemporary Worship Leader – The Psalmist – The Psalmists Release as a Minstrel – The Minstrel – David: Psalmist & Minstrel – Atmosphere Creators – Minstrels Are God’s Artists, Not Man’s Entertainers – Not all Minstrels Prophesy with Words – Minstrels in History – Samuel’s Prophets with a Song – David – Elisha’s Minstrel – Samuel’s Minstrels Strike Again – God’s Original Intent for the Minstrel – The Minstrel’s Shift Toward Entertainment – The European Minstrels – The Celtic Bards – Saint Francis of Assisi: Troubadour & Jester of God – Saint Francis and the Lord’s Minstrels – Saint Francis and the Healing Power of Music – We Need the Minstrels Today

Chapter Nine: The Ministry Of The Minstrel

God’s Kingdom Reporters – What I Do and How I Do It – Rejuvenation Regional Convergences – “Healing Man” Music – Networking and Equipping Musicians – Rejuvenation Missions – Kingdom Connections


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