Heilman Ministries Summer In Review

Thank you… to all of you who pray for us… to all of you who financially support us… your prayers and support enable us and equip us to do what we do… to live out our calling and dreams… THANK YOU…

This summer was extremely fruitful… I’d like to pull each “piece” together in one “bowl” to give you a glimpse into the past summer…


Ministered a night of worship and a dance seminar at Freedom Fellowship Church in North Houston. We really made a lasting connection with this church and God is really speaking to us about continuing to impact the Houston Region. I’ve been praying to have more impact in my own region and state this year… this summer has been a beginning for this

Held our first ever “Benefit Concert” to raise funds to take a team to Joplin, MO. With the concert proceeds we were able to take a team of four into Joplin for 3 days to minister to leaders, pastors and the people of the tornado ravaged city of Joplin, MO.


Made some new friends and re-connected with some old in Tyler and Lindale Texas (there’s Texas again) Had a great weekend ministering in their house of prayer and church. A lot of prophetic words came forth for the East TX region during this 3 days of ministry.

Took the team to Joplin, MO. We worshipped and prayed each night under a tent right in the middle of the tornado damage path. For more info on this trip, visit the blog post on Joplin.

Travelled to the East Coast/New England to minister for 10 days. First stop was in Waterville Maine with my good friends Jamie and Shannon Dickson & Crave. Had a great weekend with them. Made new friends in Haverhill Massachusetts at a wild night of worship and prophetic ministry. Finally got out to my friends church, Mark Sanchez, for a night of ministry at their prophetic school in Keene, NH. Ended with Mike Smith and Ignite Church in CT for a great Sunday morn and night of ministry. It was a crazy 10 days. I was going from place to place, meeting FB people I’d never met in person, rode a bus, got a ride from a lady I met on FB the week before… I loved it… These are the times that I really enjoy and live for on the road… Next time I will have my girls with me… AM and ZO – We are planning an extensive family ministry tour for the summer of 2012… stay tuned


After a crazy tour of New England, I returned to Tyler, TX to minister again with the same house of prayer and church as in July. We really feel this is a region that we will be in and out of a lot in the coming months.

Connected with great friends Jason Morse and Jake Abueg in Pasadena TX for a Creative Culture Weekend. This was an incredible weekend and we are already planning to be back in October of this year again.

Ended the summer tour with a great time in Harrison Arkansas and Branson MO with Tracy Mooney and Vanguard Ministries. Had an incredible night of worship the last night outside under the stars in Branson at Vanguard headquarters.

Each time I was able to minister, each pastor and ministry leader commented that they and their people were greatly encouraged. We really saw the fruit of Joy, Peace, Encouragement and Faith released every place we went. I again want to thank each person who prays and financially sows into us to be able to go as the Lord sends us. We seriously would not be able to do this without your support.

We ministered 10/13 weekends in the summer and had a great time catching up with old friends and making some new… We look forward to what the Lord has for the rest of 2011 and 2012 with the upcoming book release and The Potential of God’s Presence Book and Worship Tour 2012…




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