The SOUND OF HOPE: Relief and Compassion Ministry

In my upcoming book, I share about a dream I had in which I passed by a vase of wilted flowers. I began to sing over the flowers a sound and they began to un-wilt and come back to their normal state

… Just last night I returned from a 4 day trip to Houston, and it was in the upper 90’s while we were gone. When I returned, the flowers in our flower bed were wilted. I promptly watered them and half-jokingly sand over them… The next morning the wilting and drooping was gone. Incredible!

June 18th in Dallas we are hosting a benefit concert to bring a team to Joplin, MO to bring THE SOUND OF HOPE to a Church and to a city. When tragedy strikes, people literally become “wilted” in their spirits. I am taking musicians to literally release a sound of hope that will replenish the hope in the lives of people. This is the destiny that is on this trip. We plan to go up on July 7-10 to serve any way that we can. My prayer is that you will join me with your prayers and financial support  to send us to be a blessing and to REQUIRE NOTHING OF THEM when we go. You can help us do this.

First – If you can make it to the concert on June 18, please come and bring a gift for the Church of Joplin Mo

Second – You can donate now through multiple streams

a) Chip In – donate through Chip in now – Click Here

b) Modern Day, our financial covering – donate through MD, choose Jason & Ann-Marie and make a note “Joplin Relief” in the notes box on the MD site

c) send your checks made out to Modern Day to: Heilman Ministries Joplin Relief 35 Abbey Rd Euless TX 76039

Thanks for your prayers and support…

For more information please visit

I believe that teams of prophetic minstrels will be released to places in the earth in response to cultural, ecological and governmental issues in order to release and establish Kingdom of God realities back into the hearts and minds of the people. 

Jason Heilman


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