Renew Our Minds Daily: BEING under the sound of God

Romans 12:2  talks about not being conformed to the present world, but being transformed by the renewing of our minds. I don’t know about you, but this is something that I need to do on a consistent basis… I did not have ONE mind renewing experience years ago that has lasted for me… I had some cares of this life that came on me yesterday that I was not carrying the day before, it just happens…

So, this morning in the house of prayer I was just thankful for the time and the opportunity to come into a place where I could linger in the presence of God under the sound of His Word. Over the course of the hour, I rarely sang or did anything. I don’t feel pressured that I have to do anything just because others are singing. I just BE IN HIM… I start to change in this place, my mindset changes, my mind starts to come back into alignment with what my spirit knows… And now, I am a changed man… AGAIN…

CHANGE is not an event… CHANGE is a daily experience… I wish our minds were not so easily swayed, but sometimes they are.

My point of this post is to just encourage you to BE in the presence of the Lord… to just get in HIM… He will conform your mind back over to the Kingdom, away from this present world… away from focusing on circumstances that you can’t change by worrying and dwelling on them…

Blessings… Jason


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