The Power of Synergy – Please Join Team 120

The Power Of Synergy

Please Join Team 120 – Heilman Ministries Partners Community

What is Team 120? – Team 120 consists of Heilman Ministries partners that support Heilman Ministries for $10.00 a month, $120.00 a year.

Your piece matters! Ann-Marie and I are currently asking family and friends, both new and old, to join with us in financial support on a monthly basis for $10.00 a month for one year.

I have been praying that God would put it on the hearts of 100 individuals/families to join this ministry community at the team 120 level of partnership. This would allow us to move forward into the full measure of what God has called us to in this season.

I am personally asking you to join us because I believe that you already value what Ann-Marie and I do in ministry and that you’ve been previously moved/touched by a word I’ve spoken, a song I’ve sung or a dance my wife has danced. Your support simply helps us to continue touching lives. I understand that not every one of you can spare an extra ten dollars a month at this time. But, if you can, I would graciously like to ask that you join us for a year of partnership.

I see each member of Team 120 like a brick in a fortified wall joint together with others for a bigger, Kingdom purpose. It’s not just about us, it’s about US… all of US. Your partnership will allow us increased time to do what God has mandated us to do for the Kingdom of God.

Please consider becoming a part of this community and share in what God is doing in and through Heilman Ministries in Dallas, the nation and the nations of the earth. For more detailed information, please take a look at our website

Blessings and thanks to you as you consider joining us,

Jason & Ann-Marie


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