SHIFT: May 2011 is Heilman Ministries Partners Month

Every January many people look for a fresh start to life, but January 2011 brought something more to me than a desire for a new resolution or two. I knew that this year would be a year of major transition for me, my family and for our ministry.

One night, in the early part of the year, I felt a strong prompting from the Lord to get up to the House of Prayer to simply wait upon Him. I had decided to practice what I so fervently feel compelled to preach, to simply wait and listen for what the Spirit of the Lord wanted to say to the Church, to me. As I laid alone upon ANHOP’s green carpet, I began to hear the voice of the Lord speak, “SHIFT.”

In 2005 we launched out of ANHOP & Shady Grove Church into full-time travel ministry. It was an incredible season. Now, I’ve truly begun to embrace this new family season I am in as a father to Zoey these past fourteen months. This is part of a shift taking place in our family and ministry. I’m embracing it and my prayer is that you will join us in this new season.

So what’s changing in the ministry? When I was listening for the Lord that evening on the floor, I felt a call to re-focus some more of my time, energy and ministry back upon “Jerusalem”, upon my home, my church and the Dallas/Fort Worth region. It was not a call to give up travel, but a call to focus more upon local life, community and ministry.

Through conversations with my Pastors Jon Dunn and Lewis Hogan, I’ve accepted a position as a core member of the leadership team of All Nations House of Prayer of Shady Grove Church. Initially I’ll be ministering in and through ANHOP and SGC 20+ hours weekly. We will also continue to travel as the Lord makes opportunity as well as develop ministry through social media & web venues.

Please join our monthly financial support team…

Most of us support people and ministries that we have a personal connection to, ministries that have touched us personally. We support these ministries believing that they will continue to touch lives just like they’ve touched ours.

There are some of you that may join us in support simply because you personally know us. Some of our most faithful supporters have given for years simply based on their love for us. Some of you will partner with us because you’ve been touched by the music God has released through me or the dancing that my wife has released over the years, knowing that your support will assist us to continue to touch thousands more in the future through recordings, seminars, live ministry and the web. Some may join us because they see that we are forerunning and pioneering some things in the church, music, movement and ministry that they believe need to be brought forth.

As a Heilman Ministries Partner, I want you to realize that the first person that I’m thinking about ministering to is YOU and your family. Our financial partners are the first people that we pray for, the first people that we desire to release ministry to through music, encouraging writings, podcasts, videos and, hopefully, live ministry in your region as the doors open. This is a joint partnership, the building of a community based on mutual encouragement. We understand that we would not even be able to fulfill our calling without your support.

I’ve already developed a partners podcast, Facebook page and web page so that I can release updates, music and more to our partners. So when you join us, realize that you are joining yourself to a community and to a ministry that desires to continually encourage you. You’re not just supporting a ministry off in a secluded prayer room somewhere. The time I spend in the House of Prayer is simply a foundation for ministry out to the region, nation, the nations as well as on the web. I’m not just asking you to support us without a connection, I’m asking you to Join The Community. Your support links you to everything we do, and we want to minister to you, encourage you and share the fruit of our efforts with you in JOY. We consider our ministry to our partners a ministry in and of itself.

So please, watch the video at the end of this post and consider partnering financially with this ministry, this community. We are truly forerunning some things in the church, in music, in movement and sound. We are doing some things that are not yet known or popular, and we need visionaries to stand with us as we pioneer some things here on earth for the Kingdom of God.

Consider joining us for your monthly gift of $10.00 or more for a year. As a part of the community, let us know how we can pray for you. Let us know how we can make this community even more encouraging, living and vibrant.

Thanks for all your prayers, considerations and support now and in the future.

Jason & Ann-Marie – Heilman Ministries



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