Why We Should Support Christian Arts & Creativity… & Not JUST Mine

As you may know, I am in the midst of raising funds to publish my upcoming book The Potential of God’s Presence. I felt like sharing concerning why WE should support Christian Arts & Creative Projects. Honestly, I have more creativity within me than the finances to release it. I hope that some day this won’t be the case. But in every major creative project I’ve ever done, someone or “someones” were moved in their heart(s) to financially contribute to make things happen. My three previous CD projects and the one on the way were all funded by people in the Body of Christ who believed in the Art & Creativity that God had chosen to release through me and my team members.

I think it’s important that when financially giving, you believe in THE PERSON that is actually creating the project. But I also think it’s important that we really look at the project itself to see the potential of the art form and to look into the future to see what kind of impact it will make upon the culture, society and even future generations.

To fund this project, I’m using a “secular” fund-raising website called Kickstarter. I’ve looked around on the site to see if there were any other projects similar to mine and I ended up finding one that was the exact opposite. Please hear my heart here, but it’s sometimes frustrating to me what ends up getting funded in “the world” while Kingdom Creatives are sitting on projects that have the potential to lead 1,000’s into a greater understanding of Jesus & His Kingdom. Let me give you an example of one of the projects I found, a book entitled “You Are The Messiah.”

The book is called “You Are the Messiah!” and it’s a parody of sorts, written in a similar tone/format of the best-selling “Choose Your Own Adventure” pre-teen game book series. My book is strictly intended for fearlessly immature adult readers, though, because in it you get to take control of Jesus Christ back in biblical times…with all of the hilarious and irreverent possibilities that this might imply to your brain.

Yes, you are donning the sandals of the almighty Jesus in this book, and as Jesus, you will get to do whatever weird, twisted things your heart desires. Let the deliciousness of that concept sink in for a second.

The author of this book raised $1,500 for the publishing of his project. Decide for yourself, but my opinion is that this book is not going to bring anyone closer to Jesus. Could you join me in my thoughts here: It’s hard for me to believe that I would be unable to raise $1,000 for a book that I’ve poured two years of my life into assimilating for the glory of the Kingdom of God. If “You Are The Messiah” could do it, surely I and those that have known me and my ministry for years can, right???

One project is trying to raise $15,000 create a piece of art under the ocean and he’s half way there! Another project raised $4,000 to send a hand-written letter to everyone in the world. These are just a few example of projects that people pour finances into, projects that really don’t have eternal significance. Please understand that I love all art and I don’t think it’s wrong to raise funds for project like these (um, with the exception of the I AM JESUS book… if you don’t agree then we can agree to disagree)

So, when you get an email from me or a Facebook message asking you to partner with me, many of you might just say to yourself, “Jason is just asking for my money again.” I hope not. I hope you are looking WAY PAST ME. I hope you are looking at what I am looking at. I’m looking at a world and Church that needs to know about what God’s given me to write. It’s not about me or a book, it’s about the Kingdom message, and if you don’t believe in ME, at least believe in THAT and forgo a few Starbuck’s drinks and throw down a Jefferson ($20 bill) for the cause.

I honestly don’t know if this post is offensive to people or not. I don’t want it to be. I am just sharing my heart with you.

So, if you are moved to give please visit one of the following links, watch my 4 minute video, and support Kingdom Creativity today.

This post is not meant to invoke guilt, but rather thought and action towards seeing Kingdom Art & Creativity funded and released… and not JUST MINE…


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