Help Us Publish The New Book!

Help Fund Jason’s New Book Project & Earn Rewards @ Kickstarter


This book has been written by a musician & minstrel with a passion to see people experience the vastness of the person, power and presence of the living God, Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us in Psalm 34, “taste and see that the Lord is good.” I believe that God has laid before every one of us the opportunity to consistently, and without limitation, partake of the immense banqueting table of His character, nature and manifest presence. This book will inspire the soul and practically propose ways by which we all may continually make the most of this constant opportunity! Please visit the official Potential of God’s Presence book website for videos, previews and more information.

The minimum financial goal of $1000.00 will cover the printing/design fees and approximately 100 books. All finances raised above the minimum goal will go towards the purchase of more books, which we do feel will be necessary. Please continue to give towards this project EVEN AFTER we reach the minimum goal in order that we may increase our initial stock of available books.

Thank you so much for your support!

Jason Heilman


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