When God says NO after you thought He said YES

Hey, has it happened to you? It’s just one of those things…

I think God sometimes allows us to walk towards things so that we will know for certain that it was NOT what He wanted for us…

Recently I started a funding campaign to publish my book with a company called Xulon… Then I started getting a check in my spirit about it and started reviewing the company online, not based on their website, but upon others experiences with them…

I would say that 80/20 of what I saw was negative in regards to people’s experience with various aspects of the company.

So why does the Lord allow us to go so far to only say NO? Again, I believe it’s a way for the Lord to allow us to look back upon that for the rest of our lives and, rather than say “what could have been”, say, “thank God I didn’t do that!” And to me, it boosts my confidence even more to go in a new direction…

I made a video and spent time developing some things on my website, but it’s okay that I have to redo some things. I’m not embarrassed by this, I’d be more embarrassed if I had done what I almost did and it ended up not being a good thing… Thank you Lord! Sometimes He lets us see for certain that something is not His will so that we can know that the direction we do go in is certainly His will… If you’ve experienced anything like this, chime in on the response board… blessings



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