Neutral Atmosphere – Expanded Prophetic Language Series – Post #2

Using the term “Neutral Atmosphere” is something I personally have never heard used in the church… I’d be interested to know if anyone else ever has used this terminology…

As a musician that has been called to operate in the anointing of a minstrel, I’ve found that creating neutral atmosphere is exactly the essence of what I am called to do. If you think of Neutral in terms of a car, this is the gear you put the car in when it is not purposed to go either forward or backward… There is not a direction that has been chosen rather it’s left open for the direction to come… If we stay with this analogy, it’s the driver that decides what direction to move…

If I choose to let the Holy Spirit “drive” so to speak, my neutrality is not something to be feared but actually enjoyed as I’m leaving things to be moved in the direction the Holy Spirit desires… Once I begin to discern His leading, I can then go in that direction rather than a direction that I had pre-determined hours or even days before a gathering. This atmosphere also gives EVERY PERSON the ability to discern what the Holy Spirit is personally saying to them rather than what one person has determined what each person should collectively hear… This view does not take anything away from the need for pastoral corporate messages… this is just ANOTHER way that the church can corporately meet that I fee is valid and has the potential to be practiced more often…


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