Intuitive Liturgy – Expanded Prophetic Language Series – Post #1

Liturgy is simply an order by which one performs a spiritual service or gathering.

In the Methodist church I grew up in, the entire service order or liturgy was printed on bulletins and we did everything according to this bulletin. We knew what songs we would sing, which page the songs were on and we even read our prayers word for word.

The word intuition should not be “scary” to a christian. I believe our intuition is the very thing that relates to the Holy Spirit. We can intuitively sense what the Holy Spirit is saying and following His leading.

Intuitive Liturgy is simply conducting a service more “loosely” in order to make effort to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You may have a few songs picked out, but you may not do them. You may do one and then move into a spontaneous place for the remainder of your time. Often the music is used to create an atmosphere to hear and release the word of the Lord.

Last time I led on a Wednesday night worship service I had a drummer, a flautist and a bg singer with me… They asked me what songs I was doing and what order… I told them I did not know what I was going to do…

I literally sat down to the piano in a room of 100 people and had no idea what I was about to do and I was totally fine with that because I’ve learned what it means to have and create an Intuitive Liturgical experience and I brought others into it…By the end everyone was in AWE of God and you could have heard a pin drop it that place… Yes, God does move in lives through an ordered liturgy but God does not require that we have ordered liturgy in order to enter into His presence… I succeeded as a leader, not because I had pre-planned, but because everyone in that place was aware of His Presence.

There is nothing wrong with doing a service with a planned order. I am just defining a valid form of meeting with God that is more spontaneous in nature, it works and you can do it fruitfully…


2 Responses to “Intuitive Liturgy – Expanded Prophetic Language Series – Post #1”

  1. I enjoyed this piece….I completely agree with you; music sets up the enabling environment for the prophetic – His Presence, exactly what David established in I Chronicles 25.
    Music transcends the intellect and heightens our intuitive nature; His presence drives out all other voices and we can experience Him with greater clarity.

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