Expanded Prophetic Language, Concepts & Definition for 2011

Let’s face it, defining spiritual experience is challenging.

The reality is that descriptive language is often people’s beckoning call into experience…

I want to start off this year by revealing some language that the Holy Spirit has been giving me over these last few years as I’ve been writing. The goal is to relate this language and conceptual description of prophetic spiritual experience not solely for knowledge sakes, but to inspire you to HAVE AN EXPERIENCE…

I avoid using the term New language realizing that probably, someone, somewhere has already said what I’ll say… I use expanded because it’s not about new and old, throwing the former out for the new thing, but just some new ways to describe experiences that will hopefully lead people towards desiring them if they are so inclined… Look for these specific blog posts here in the latter part of 2010 and early part of 2011…



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