Relaxo – Living In The Peace of the Lord

I was strangely, simultaneously in a mix between one of my most favorite things in the world and one of the most disruptive times I’ve experienced in life… I was on a plane to Hawaii one week after I had been told I would be laid off from my job by months end.

I will honestly say that I had not experienced anxiety like I was having ever before, nor have I since. There was such a fear of the unknown residing within me. Before I was made aware of my layoff, I had been invited by a new friend to minister with him at a conference in Hawaii (suffering for Jesus, I know…) The Lord even provided a plane ticket for me free of charge… At the time, I thought it quite amazing how I could be experiencing such favor and such anxiety at the same time in two different circumstances…

Today I was reminded that God’s favor upon our lives cannot be necessarily measured by our current circumstance… We HAVE THE FAVOR of the Father because of the blood of Jesus. Back to my story…

So I land in Hawaii, and it just so happened I had an entire day to myself before my friend arrived. I remember having a desire to visit Hawaii alone to just walk in solitude and to retreat, but the scenario I was in was not what I had pictured…

I just remember walking on the North Shore searching for the set of LOST and crying out to God. I later ended up near an area on the North Shore called shark’s cove, a great snorkel spot btw. I was walking along the ocean on the sidewalk when a mini van on the nearby road suddenly skidded to a halt. It grabbed my attention and I looked that way. For SOME REASON, the back door of this Astro Van had swung open and the driver pulled over to close the door… As I gazed towards the van, I was drawn to the Rainbow clad license plate which read RELAXO… RELAXO

Let me first say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hawaiian people and culture and I feel more like one of them than the German American that I am… To see this license plate in Hawaii came as no surprise at all… But the fact that I saw this particular plate out of all the cars on the island at that one moment, I KNEW it was a message from my Father… I began to just laugh out loud right there on the sidewalk that day and something changed in me that moment that has really lasted unto this day. My Father was saying to me, son… Relaxo.

It’s not always easy, but there is a PLACE of peace in the Father. I believe that what we practically deal with in our daily lives is the fact that the world and all its details tug at us to move out of this place of peace. We just need to realize that we have to continually move back into His arms if we ever get out of that place. It’s not always easy no, but it is available.

I just wanted to share my story today. I wanted to remind myself of it. God’s peace is now. Relaxo


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