The Peace That Passes Understanding… IT’S REAL AND AVAILABLE

Though I no longer consider myself a “fan” of contemporary christian music, I grew up listening to it (back before it all sounded the same, just my opinion). I grew up listening to the likes of Twila Paris, Wayne Watson and Steven C2… (Steven Curtis Chapman to the rest of you, HAAAA)

One of the best songs of all time (for me) has to be Wayne Watson’s The Peace That Passes Understanding. Even now, years after this song has been released, I often sing the chorus to this song in the midst of worship gatherings that I host. Here are some of the lyrics: “The peace that passes understanding, is a blessing that will never fade away, the peace that passes understand never passes away…”

I can remember the morning I was about to head out of my Fort Worth apartment to my car on a brisk autumn day back in the fall of 2000… For some reason this song was in my spirit all morning… I walk down the stairs towards my car with these lyrics resonating within me only to see that my passenger front window had been bashed in and my CD player stolen out of my car… I simply walked back upstairs and called my insurance company and got it taken care of… The Holy Spirit had prepared me to face this situation and I experienced the peace of the Lord that went beyond my finite understanding and my emotional reaction…

Don’t get me wrong, I can get emotional. But I am slowly but surely growing into a place where I have been able to react in the Peace of the Lord Jesus instead of my own thoughts…

As you know, I travel the nation and often the world trying to bring music to people that will help them engage into the peace and joy of the Lord. It would really be a shame if I myself and my family could not experience this reality in our own lives. What happened yesterday with my wife was another opportunity for me to realize that the Peace of the Lord is MINE… It is more than a bible memory verse, it’s more than a nice little song and THANK GOD IT’S MORE THAN MY MINISTRY.

My wife called me yesterday (NOV 2) like she normally does after she gets off of work and so I answered only to hear her utter the words, “I’ve been in a car accident…” At the sound of those words I can truthfully tell you that I never experienced any fear or worry… I literally felt as if a blanket of peace was surrounding me… I tried the best I could to transfer that over to my wife throughout the rest of the day… By the end of the evening we were laughing and praising God that it had not been worse… Of course I had to call the insurance and deal with all that “fun stuff”, but for the most part we really experienced the peace and joy of the Lord.

I want to let you and MYSELF know that when I sing the songs I sing and minister the way that I do, IT IS SO REAL TO ME. I am not traveling to sing songs to become famous or popular. I am trying to help people enter in to their kingdom inheritance, an inheritance of peace and joy that I have been experiencing in the midst of a crazy past few days…

I want to encourage you that HE HAS LEFT HIS PEACE WITH YOU AND HIS JOY IS YOUR STRENGTH TODAY. Sometimes it’s just a matter of us needing to take the time to remember this and to move ourselves under that sound of His Kingdom Reality…

My dad and I talked yesterday about that fact that we live in a fallen world and, well… crap happens. In the midst of the crap Jesus is the lily of the valley and we can choose to focus on Him… It is not always easy, but it’s always the better thing…

Things are working out… Yes we have a deductible to pay and blah de blah… But God is our provider as well… Thank you Lord that you turn all things out for good… HE DID IT BEFORE AND HE WILL WILL WILL DO IT AGAIN…




3 Responses to “The Peace That Passes Understanding… IT’S REAL AND AVAILABLE”

  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.
    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  2. My sincerest thanks…

    My partner agrees with me, we believe this is quite a nice site and a helpful resource. Cheers for sharing, keep it up….

  3. Thanks for your comments!

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