I often don’t want to sing anymore…

I’m getting to where I often don’t even want to sing during worship anymore, I just want to play music and just BE with God… Last night I wanted to just play and seek the heart of the Lord for a long time, but I felt like I had to sing songs because that’s what people expect…

Why do we sing? It’s a way to express to the Lord… But I think there is something to be said about the waiting, about the just being… I don’t think we always need to be saying things to God in order to “worship”

Last week my wife and I went out without Zoey… We laughed in the car when we realized we went 10 minutes without talking… what made us laugh was the realization that we were without noise (the noise of Zo) and we were just enjoying being with each other in silence…

When I go away, like I am now as I write this in Michigan, my wife seems to have a harder time because I am not there… At first I thought that maybe it was some kind of spiritual issue, but now I think it’s mostly because I am simply not there… The lack of my presence… We need the presence of God and we need to walk in the awareness of His presence in our daily lives.

I want to find and discover and help others to engage in the presence of God in ways that are more expanded than just what we do during worship times. I want to just BE in His presence. Music helps me focus on His presence, but so does going out on a walk in silence.

Here is the thing, the things of the world only have the power to take our focus off of His presence. Song Lyrics help us focus back on the character aspects of God, but when I sit in silence I just begin to be with God… I don’t even necessarily need to focus on something… just a renewed awareness of His presence brings me back to a place of peace and refuge.

It’s hard to get people to this place because that is not what we culturally do in worship. I would love to have a worship gathering where I took a group of people to a park and said, “Walk around for an hour and that’s your worship time…” Sounds weird but it so should not sound weird at all…

This post is the most jumbled thing I have written in a while, but I hope it makes sense and I hope we all learn further how to just BE with Him…



9 Responses to “I often don’t want to sing anymore…”

  1. Rachel Moreno Says:

    Really good stuff Jason. Really good.

  2. My brother I have often felt the same way at times I just do not want to sing I just want to hear and listen and commune with the lord , its not jumbled its right on time.

  3. Hi Jason,

    You said… “It’s hard to get people to this place because that is not what we culturally do in worship.”

    I agree. And I have thought upon this for at least a couple of years now. I find that most folks, when they notice I refer to myself as a Minstrel, become interested in the music I compose. But when they learn that it means the music is instrumental they shy away from it because they don’t know what to do with music without words.

    An example would be when a gal asked my wife several times if my music was “Christian” because there’s no words. It’s as if people don’t know what to say to God without lyrics accompanying the music.

    I think this is also why I’ve yet to be invited to play (minister) at a church. Congregants are far removed from the knowledge of the purpose of a Minstrel; but they would so benefit from one playing in their midst. Too, many have gotten to the place where a visiting musician is nothing more than entertainment – a concert to which you bring your unsaved friends.

    Perhaps what you’re doing, much akin to Kevin Prosch, will cause change in the Church and folks will desire to once again have Minstrels in their presence…so they can enter the presence of God.


    • It makes me even ask the question… what is “christian music”

      • Music in and of itself is neither “Christian” nor “Secular”. It’s not Christian because it doesn’t belong to only the Christians. For the same reason it’s not Secular – it’s not solely a possession of those not of God or Christ.

        Music is a creation of our Creator. It is, if you will, a spiritual “substance”. Be it in the hands of a Christ follower or non-Christ follower does not change music’s origin or substance. What a musician does with music makes it neither good or evil. Music is the “innocent bystander”.

        I am of Christ, and I am a musician. Am I a Christian musician? No. I am a musician who is Christian. What if I was not Christian – does the music I compose then have no effect on the listener because it’s not “Christian”? Certainly, dependent upon my Spiritual awareness, there could be less impact, but that does not make the music dead or void.

        I am of Christ, and I am a musician. This I do not hide or shy away from on my website, or to folks I talk with. But I do not refer to my music as “Christian” or to myself as a “Christian” artist because there simply is no need to. (Maybe the reason I’m not invited to play at churches.) The music will do what God intends in the heart of the listener, be they Christian or Secular. God does not put boundaries on whom the music will reach and/or minister to.

        What is the intent of the music I compose? To heal and comfort. And there is no way I would withhold this music from listeners who were not also of Christ, as I am. That would be like withholding God’s love from them – and we all know that isn’t right.

        What is “Christian Music”? Well, actually, there’s no such thing! There’s only music – a beautiful and wonderful gift from our Creator. With which He speaks, comforts and heals us…and also those not presently of Christ.


  4. […] is a reply I posted on The Prophetic Sound Man […]

  5. […] is a reply I posted on The Prophetic Sound Man […]

  6. Berenice Ruan Says:

    Those were such beautiful words you wrote, I wanted to keep on reading…

    Thank you! My walking time is my worship time for sure 😉

  7. “He cannot break it down or else he would fall.
    One thousand lonely stars hiding in the cold.
    Take it, I don’t want to sing anymore.”

    Daft Punk with Mr.Casablancas via Instant Crush sent me here.
    Prophetic Worship is cool though too! Jesus, after all, is of course Lord.

    When I read this article I just think of David on a harp chilling Saul out.

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