New CD coming soon: “I Can’t Wear This Armor”

Hey the new CD will hopefully be out within the next month or so. This CD represents the passion in my heart to see individuals release their intimate, homemade Tehillah praises unto the Lord. This CD cover represents a liberation from the armor of “religion” that is upon people. Religion tells you the methods by which you can seek God and express yourself to God. The liberation in God’s presence is what releases you to be who HE created you to be. This is not REBELLION but the FREEDOM to worship the Father in spirit and in truth. This LIVE recording will bring you into places of expression as well as solitude in which you can engage in the person and presence of God. There is a restoration taking place to the first-hand discovery of God’s people and the release of first-hand expression from the place of their first-hand discovery. Just as David dropped Saul’s armor to the ground to be free to use what God “gave him”, I believe many will begin to drop their armors of religious formula in order to take up what God “gave them” in order to worship Him. It’s time for you to release the song and the sound that God placed within you!

Lyrics: I Can’t Wear This Armor

I can’t wear this armor anymore

I was made to carry something else Oh Lord

I can’t wear religion anymore

I was made to worship you my Lord

So I’ll use what you gave me to lift you up Lord

For you have made me to give you my all

There’s a praise you put in me that only I can give away

I was made to worship you my Lord


One Response to “New CD coming soon: “I Can’t Wear This Armor””

  1. Mary Beth Pichotta Says:

    Awesome! I cannot wait and must have a copy of this!

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