I Worshipped God In A Bar At The Same Time People Were Worshipping Themselves – Connection With God Is Based On Man’s Intent (*Mature Content*)

If I was not before last night, I am now fully convinced that the intent of Man’s heart is what propels him into the presence of God… not the music, the style of the music, or even necessarily the intent of the artist (i say this to a certain extent….If the artists intent is to full-out “worship satan” then that is different…) Last night I had an amazing experience in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX) as I went to see a band play that I feel I do not need to name here… If you know who I am talking about then great… but these guys are now touring the nation in clubs and bars and they are some of the most prophetic men that I have ever known… I actually know the lead singer and have had the chance to spend time with him on various occasion over the past five years or so… He has a calling and anointing to take the word of the Lord into places that not many christians have the chance to go… I’m not talking about some cheesy flimsy christians either, the kind that play in smokey clubs and get wasted at the bars with everyone else so you would have no clue of a difference. I mean these guys are literally prophesying with their music and vocals in the clubs in a way that makes me wish I could go to church with these guys and enter into these type of atmospheres with them more consistently…

Well maybe more on that later but I need to try to make the point of my post title…

The thing about this evening was that when these guys were doing their thing, I knew who they were and I knew what they represented… Not everyone in the club did, especially this one drunk lady that I want to refer to… I told you this would be MATURE so don’t read this if you can’t take it…

My wife was with me as well, and she said that this woman was in the front of the crowd bumping and grinding to the these guys music while at the same time my wife and I are in the back dancing before the Lord and entering into the presence of God and prophesying the Kingdom of the Lord into the natural along with these dudes…

So here is the point… That drunk lady and I were in the same room listening to the same music with two very different intents in our hearts… I would love to say that this lady, in the presence of the music, sobered up and then entered fully into the understanding of the bands lyrics and then fell down under the conviction of God and got saved or whatever you want to call it…

There WERE people there that I believe did enter in to something that they may not have understood. I do believe there WERE people who sensed something different about these guys and it made an impact upon them. I don’t really know, but I do know that I PERSONALLY SENSED A PRESENCE OF THE LORD IN A PLACE WHERE A LOT OF PEOPLE SAY THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE.

So here is my main point… The INTENTIONS OF PEOPLE, THE CHOICES THEY MAKE ON WHAT TO FOCUS ON DETERMINE THE EXTENT OF THEIR EXPERIENCES. I believe that the reason I entered God’s presence and other people did not simply was based on the fact that I came EXPECTING TO AND SO I DID.

Here is where it gets MATURE… My wife came out of the women’s restroom saying that there were two people in one of the stalls doing some things that I will let you figure out… I said, wow that can be going on in there while these guys are creating an atmosphere for the presence of the Lord 25 feet away… Basically you can sin right in God’s face but he is still there. You can be like that drunk woman bumping and grinding and Jesus is still RIGHT THERE! I know it to be true because my wife and I were experiencing a fresh touch from the Lord in a place that some christians say we should not even be… I don’t really care… Why do people think that the presence of God could not show up in place that JESUS, WHEN HE WAS HERE, PHYSICALLY HUNG OUT…

So here it is… we need to get people expectant … We need to realize that there is so much of God’s presence available to us all of the time… We need to INTEND TO ENTER IN OR WE WILL MISS WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES…

Right now I pray for an encounter with God for that woman who I saw last night… I pray she will awaken to the reality of the presence of the Lord. I pray that God will use these guys I am talking about to give people across the nations a feeling of “what is that is difference? I feel a spiritual connection to something that I usually don’t. This is more than entertainment… this is recreation.”

Also there were a couple of times when the band before these guys had a few times in their songs that led me to experience a hunger for the deep of God because the music they played gave me the opportunity to go there… Well you might say ” Jason, how can you say that, you don’t even know if they are christians…” Well music is a tool that God uses to bring people into his presence… I USE MUSIC to help others get into the face of God… that is my calling… I USED THEIR MUSIC TO DO THIS FOR MYSELF AND GUESS WHAT… IT WORKED…

I think this other band had a real element of spirituality, almost to the point that I felt they had some background in the church as well… This whole thing is similar to classical music as well, music that I find solace in even thought I don’t even know who composed most of it… Do I need to know… not really… These drawings to God though came in the midst of both instrumental times as well as just all out “going after it” crazy vocalizations that were no longer lyrics but just cries of passionate artistry… I was drawn to God through it because I used the sounds to focus onto GOD…

So I am going to finish up on this one… i don’t know what you might think of this, but I welcome comments and guess what… I am not afraid to be wrong… I am not afraid to come back in two weeks and say this post was wrong on some stuff… these are my initial reactions to my experience last night

Ok… talk to you soon… Jason


5 Responses to “I Worshipped God In A Bar At The Same Time People Were Worshipping Themselves – Connection With God Is Based On Man’s Intent (*Mature Content*)”

  1. Andy Squyres Says:

    Really enjoyed reading. Great perspective. Great heart. I thank God for that band but I also thank him for dudes like you who are getting this father’s heart placed in them.

  2. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real. Love the freshness! I believe we can worship anywhere. Sometimes I worship God with secular songs.

    As for the woman, I’m sure she was feeling the freedom and peace of God. Unfortunately she let her flesh respond in ways that she is familiar with. Refine her Lord and draw her into Your Presence. I love that you and your wife are open and free to stand in the gap, to take God into the bar!

  3. Brilliant.

    Love the heart and the story.

    When playing in a band a few years ago (what you’d probably call *alternative* or indie-pop/rock), we weren’t singing “Jesus is great and he’s my mate” lyrics, but were all about what we called “Subliminal Worship”. Lifting up Jesus, challenging the crowd through words and sounds and being there to bring His Glory.

    So many times with “what happened there” moments that we will never know the full impact of as the Holy Spirit moved on the waters of people’s hearts. Sure we blew it sometimes. We were as imperfect as the next guys, but He was the focus.

    Now I don’t get out to play in that environment much at the moment, but I think the same principles remain true.

    I agree that we want to see that dancing lady find the One she’s looking for. He is Jesus. He is beautiful.

    God is bigger than our narrow experiences.

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