Baptist Church Doing Contemplative Musical Prayer! AWESOME…

Great friends of mine shared this opportunity with me… I am going to check it out soon for sure. While researching for my book I really got into studying the Taize’ in France etc… I am excited this is going on down the road in Fort Worth… The following is the excerpt from their website. I also included a link if you wan to go to the actual site.

Contemplative Musical Prayer

We invite you to prayer in the custom of Taizé and Iona — Monday nights beginning January 11. This service of Contemplative Musical Prayer is a contrast to the traditional Baptist worship style. While we enjoy already rich worship and prayer traditions on Sundays and Wednesdays, the intent is to continue to expand opportunities to approach God, to open our hearts to God and to demonstrate obedience to God.

This prayer service is not intended to be a complete worship experience. It is not a replacement for a traditional worship diet, but a supplement to it. It is intended to enhance understanding of the nature of God and thereby to enhance ability to worship God in spirit and in truth.

The prayer service is intended to help us pray. We will grapple with the very nature of prayer. We will pray through song, through silence, through scripture and other readings, through sights and sounds, and through meditation.

Music permeates the prayer service. It helps us to pray. It helps give voice to our contemplation. It helps us to focus on the Trinity — God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There are several intentional aspects to the music used in the prayer service. Its beauty is settling, yet its unfamiliarity somewhat unsettling. It is necessarily congregational — its beauty relies upon community. It is decidedly different from that used in most Baptist venues. It is intended to be easily learned, yet not simplistic. It is repetitive, and the forms are short to invite everyone to meditate on the message of the song and on how God speaks through it.

Silence is another aspect of the prayer service. For some the silence may be jarring. The silence is intentional even though it may at times be uncomfortable. Like the music and the other aspects in the service, one is encouraged to contemplate through it. In the silence especially, please be more God-conscious and self-conscious than you are aware of other things. Please remain still and contemplative. Remember, even if you do not sense God speaking to you, God may be speaking to others.

May we all give our utmost effort to welcome God’s Spirit among us in all that we attempt.



2 Responses to “Baptist Church Doing Contemplative Musical Prayer! AWESOME…”

  1. Tammy Webb-Smith Says:

    I am continually amazed and humbled as I read and hear about others who are beginning to experience God through this style (?) of worship. I have been experiencing God like this for many years and for many years have been thought to be very strange by most people. To hear of this moving throughout the church is truly an answer to the cry of my heart since the early 90’s.

  2. Oh get ready for more… I see it it my spirit coming not as an option but a necessity…

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