Change your mind. God’s kingdom is here!

The title of this post is Matthew 3:2 from the MESSAGE translation… I don’t read this translation often, but sometimes it just hits home with the way I like to speak.

In Matthew 3 and also 4, when Jesus spoke about the arrival of THE KINGDOM he also said Repent, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life…

I tell a longer version of this story when I travel, but when I was in Branson, MO last year leading worship I had a vision of people jumping over a brain into a very large brain… When I asked the Lord what he was showing me with this picture, he said the smaller mind represents our minds and the large mind in the MIND OF CHRIST. Often we need to HURDLE OUR OWN MINDS in order to jump into the mind of Christ.

If we really want to live according to the Kingdom of God, we have to change the way we think and the way we view life. Jesus told the Pharisees to “produce fruit that PROVES your repentance.” Jesus challenged them to produce fruit from their lives that would show that they really meant what they were saying.

One thing I want to TRY to do in this study is to tie my calling as a Minstrel into this study. As a Prophetic Minstrel, one of the things I am called to do is sing songs of the Kingdom. BUT WHY? The reason is so that we can come into an atmosphere that is proclaiming the reality of the Kingdom of God so that our minds can be renewed with Correct Thinking! We are constantly in a battle with our own thoughts based on what we are hearing, so it’s important to get into places where we can hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying.

I want to get to the place where I don’t run to THE WORD (CHRIST) to hear what he says in order that HIS WORD can CONTRAST THE BAD NEWS I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH. I want to stay IN THE WORD so that when the negative contrary word come my way, I am already positioned with the truth and therefore it will have a lot less of a negative effect upon my thoughts… I say a lot less because nobody is perfect and we will all deal with some levels of negativity at times. I think it’s time to live life a little more offensively in the spirit.

The Kingdom is HERE, we just need to tune in to what the Lord is Saying… and stand on it in this life…

Talk to you soon… Jason


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