Matthew 4:23… “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the KINGDOM

Jesus could not have talked about the Gospel of Salvation because obviously he had not yet even died and rose again… So what was the GOOD NEWS he preached…?

The Gospel – Glad Tidings – Good News… It’s not JUST SALVATION. It’s the entirety of the kingdom of God and people are stopping WAY short if they are limiting the Gospel to Salvation alone…

The Gospel is not get saved and try to make it through until Jesus comes…

Jesus did come, yes he will come again, but he came, he is and he will be…

So focus on IS and live in the Kingdom #1 Relationship and #2 Benefits NOW

And that is what I am called to do, to go forth and proclaim the Good New of the Kingdom… The Reality of Vibrant Relationship with Christ and the BENEFITS of living with Christ In Kingdom Partnership…

I will continue to post more as I go through the NT…


One Response to “The Gospel of THE KINGDOM… NOT JUST SALVATION”

  1. Your on it my brother,praise GOD

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