Ready To Get The Book Draft Done

I like to keep myself accountable to my self and others by releasing public professions that will call me to complete certain things…

Lately I have been feeling prompted to get on the ball in regards to The Book I am writing…

I feel this book is going to be a big part of where God is about to take us. I feel that if people will really read this book and see all that God has put in my heart all in one place at one time, it will really help to explain what I feel the Lord is doing with the Minstrels in this time in the body of Christ and the earth. It’s hard to do this in a two-minute video or a two paragraph blog post. How do you translate 10 plus years of a journey and revelation into a book much less a blog… So….. get on me, ask me Where The Book Is At… etc…

I am praying that the RESOUNDING WORD OF THE LORD resonated in me until the completion of this project…

There are times when God resounds certain things inside of us for certain seasons. The past two and a half months have been dedicated to my family for the most part and much will continue, but I feel especially in the next few weeks, a real grace coming upon me to really get a First Draft done on this book…

Thanks for your prayers… You see all the things I have posted over the past 4 months on this blog are just bits and pieces that came forth out of the book that I am writing… there is a lot left to share so I look forward to getting this out there…

Talk to you soon… Jason


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